Verse of the Day: Ephesians 4:23

Ephesians 4:23 (NIV).

[B]e made new in the attitude of your minds; ……….

Thoughts on This Verse…

We cannot renew ourselves on our own. We can guard ourselves from corrupting influences. We can offer ourselves to God and come to better discern his will. Ultimately, however, God himself must do the renewing, not just when we are saved, but daily. Only God’s grace can sustain, empower, and renew us. Let’s offer ourselves to him. Then, let’s confidently ask for his grace to empower, perfect, and renew us!


I raise myself and each of you who read this… with Gratitude to Gratitude for Gratitude. We are all born into our own lives with a purpose that we must remember to remember. We are given struggles, in the joy that we will turn to our Angel Guides to assist us in the process of REMEMBERING who we really are… beyond our physical mirage.

In my personal experience, the more I learn to surrender to God’s powerful path… the greater my joy!! The impossible for man, is only a matter of “AMEN” in the spiritual rhythm of creation. I invite you, now, in prayer and love to raise your vibration… with Gratitude!! That every thought, that isn’t from heaven, be healed by heaven… that YOU may experience the new YOU through the power of the Gratitude you project!

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS !!!


One thought on “Verse of the Day: Ephesians 4:23

  1. the daily renewing of our spirits by his touch! I welcome the constant reminder from my first love, least i may start to stray away from Him! His renewing powers is like receiving a bouquet of freshly cut roses every morning!

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