Angel Affirmations : Doreen Virtue’s Message

I am forever connected to heaven, for I am bound to everything. As I focus on my oneness with angels, I can better hear their caring messages. I am one with God’s love.: Doreen Virtue

It is important, so important in this time… to begin to trust… and truly mean every word we say!! God is watching over us and the angels are watching out for us. The Great “I am” is now reaching out to YOU and THROUGH YOU into the world. Take the road less traveled, for in the ROUTE is the MIRACLE of YOU waiting for you to DISCOVER yourself AGAIN!! You are called to REMEMBER “who you are” to GOD!!

For HE created you in HIS own image and likeness, only that you may remember to RE-MEMBER with HIM, while you walk the EARTH!!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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