Weekly Photo Challenge : Friendship

Friendship is all about finding something special in everything you do together… for me… friendship has always been creating a memory!! The next set of photos were our tribute to working together for the first time… while we had absolutely crazy schedules right through the day… we’re events people afterall… we decided to do something special to relive the “working together” experience


Together we CAN and we DID Winking smile 


We will always raise our feet as ONE… When we work as ONE we work wonders!!


Our Best Foot forward…

Friendship & Work… don’t go together as a rule… we heard… and we proved the rule wrong Winking smile 

When we recongise each person’s core strength… it is so much fun to work together… Friendship ensures that we give all of who we know we are… that all that we do, reflects the pure joy of the prize gift of true friendship!!

I have been blessed to have some of the best friends a person can ask for… I am blessed to have each one of you in my life!!


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