Weekly Photo Challenge : Friendship

Weekly Photo Challenge : Friendship

The very essence of friendship to me is to be able to be at peace with all that God created… Right now, the environment is looking for a brand new friendship with mankind!

“with this ring I promise you… that I will always be your friend. I will adopt plants and love them like I love my own species. I will acknowledge YOU my friend”


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Friendship

  1. Love this kind of friendship. Nature has been a generous, selfless friend since mankind was born but we never repay that kindness, infact a lot of men and women abuse nature. Let this story and frienship ring be an inspiration for others to follow.

    • We pretty much take them for Granted!! I usually spend time talking to my plants… talking to trees on a hot sunny day, thanking them for the shade they provide. My sisters think I’m a little loony πŸ˜‰ … I feel them respond, often finding a place of shade, without consciously looking for it…. It is so amazing, how nature communicates… if only we take time to acknowledge their presence!! πŸ™‚

  2. I think your post is brilliant — both in thought and presentation. Yes, we need to care for our planet, care for the plants, and care for all the beautiful things that nature has provided us. We have become so so self absorbed and selfish that we think only about how we can get more and more from nature without ever understanding that our friendly relation with the nature has been constrained. We are responsible for it, and if we don’t quickly take measures, then they will not be there for us for too long.

    • Thank you!!! I feel like we as a people speak of saving the environment… while the need of the hour is to truly begin to understand how beautiful it makes us.. when we acknowledge the brilliance it brings to our lives!! Our relationship with nature has to be more personal…
      Thanks again for stopping by… and so aptly articulating the need of the hour!! πŸ™‚

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