Princess Diaries: 07th June 2012

We all have a road to travel and mine’s been quite a journey too!! This time my lesson has been a pretty interesting spiritual one.

Today, I was introduced to a new angelic energy in my writing, the very versatile Archangel Uriel, who pretty much introduced himself and sensing the question in my head, asked me to google more about him Smile (You could also google him… I am but a channel, the fact that I am sharing this with YOU… you too are called by choice to begin this journey too!!)

I have been pretty excited about seeing signs of ANGEL ASSITANCE everyday for the last month… I guess, KNOWING & FEELING, was the foundation lesson for beginning to RECEIVE, the DIVINE PATH my life is meant to follow.

Its taking a lot of time to begin to understand DIVINE prompts, then again, the fact that I am YET a student and will always be… is where the challenge lies… this time around the lesson is to “ALLOW and ACCEPT”.


How blessed are we to be called to ALLOW the ANGELS to work with us, by invitation. They reveal themselves in accordance to the path we CHOSE in thought by ASKING for DIVINE GUIDANCE.

Allow, the ANGELS to ASSIT you and GUIDE you in all that you do. That is what they are there to do. To Guide you in times when ANSWERS elude and too many opinions make their way into your life. When you ALLOW the ANGELS to PRESENT you with the SOLUTIONS… “KNOWING and FEELING” their presence, you are then GIVEN, the answers. Sometimes, in unexpected packages, through a channel, challenge or change in perspective!!

The only job you have left to do is ACKNOWLEDGE ALL THAT IS being presented to you with Gratitude… your ACKNOWLEDGMENT is your “YES” to the ANGEL ASSISTANCE you RECEIVE… the angels, love to play around too… sometimes, giving you so many solutions, only because at different points of asking, you have seen and felt and projected the answers you WOULD LIKE TO SEE!! Then again, they are pretty sure of their role. They understand, that you will make a CHOICE and YOUR CHOICE is the starting point of the manifestation process.

When you ACKNOWLEDGE the CHOICES being GIVEN… you will also, as a follow through, ACCEPT… some of them through your own personal unique THOUGHT… the ANGELS, then begin to UNFOLD, the next part of your ASKING, from the point of CHOICE.

In my training so far… I use the “KNOWING and FEELING” to as much as make a choice from the many perspectives presented to me. My Father in Heaven… knows me… he knows the choices I will make… will always be in accordance with his will… and I know that to be true, when I feel the joy of heaven, through the many KNOWING and FEELING experiences I’ve been blessed with since the journey began for me… it is fascinating, how HEAVEN celebrates an aligned decision.

Often, in my auto writing work, a lot is revealed to me… the KNOWING and FEELING that we’ve developed as a tag team… is also such a fascinating experience in itself… it is true… that the more you yield to DIVINE intervention, the closer you feel to almost everything around you.

It is absolutely, powerful, to feel, that even though all is not according to my own human order… everything still is enchanting and revealing. A Deeper fascination for allowing and accepting the LOVE heaven has for me.

The ALLOW & ACCEPT part of my training, will surely begin a whole new series of SURPRISES… soon…. I will write a post on the powerful gifts that Gratitude brings… which is soooooooooooo amazing, you have to begin with Gratitude to stay fascinated, positive and DIVINELY ANCHORED in the TRUTH.


Much Love and Light… Mystiic

3 thoughts on “Princess Diaries: 07th June 2012

  1. I love your writing. We are Kindred Spirits in deed. Please consider this letter I wrote to a co-worker some time ago. I hope it speaks to where you were when you wrote that 07 June 2012 diary entry.

  2. Thank you Sam!! It is indeed Divine, when we all connect… it is amazing, how beautiful the energy revealing is!!! I’d love for you to leave me a link… so I can read it too!! It is amazing how the angels are connecting and channeling through us and radiating their presence. God must love us much to continue to support our spiritual growth!! Much Love and Light, Mystiic!!

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