Weekly Photo Challenge: Today (June 5th)

Another morning day…  walked 3.4 kms… yay… getting consistent with this figure… feeling the difference of these morning walks on my day… its high on happiness Smile 


Good Morning to another TODAY… God loves us in so many ways… asking us to learn to love US in just the same way!!


This tree inspires  me…don’t if it is the brightness of it… or simply the fact that is the happiest tree in the park!!… My eyes look for this tree and smile Winking smile There’s an early morning flirtation on with nature… and I love it!!


when I clicked this picture… I was intending to get a good shot at a squirrel close by… when I saw the picture later… I guess… the sprinkler wanted to be noticed Winking smile  Smile

Today5th1    Today5th2    Today5th3

After planning this for weeks… we decided to replant  at home… imagine… and early morning party with plants… today’s major influence… as I feel it… has been a flirtation with Nature Angels… didn’t realise the attraction… till I collected all the pictures from TODAY!!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today (June 5th)

  1. My first thought was ahhhhhhh. I have nominated you dear writer for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please continue to plant your seeds of wisdom. Congratulations and blessings.

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