Travel Theme : Rhythm

When Ailsa sent me the challenge for the week… I knew already where I was going to blog and rant about Winking smile 

goa5I’ve been visiting GOA for the last 4 years… pretty much each time has been an expansive vibrational (pretty much the rhythm) experience. It has always felt like a place where I have consolidated my dreams and set them free to the sea… to simply be!! It has been a place of many firsts for me… my first birthday alone… my first new year at a beach… my first wedding in GOA (My wedding too will be in GOA Winking smile) … My first unplanned adventure ( I now have an rickshaw man in Goa, and all I have to do is call to inform him I am landing… and GOA is pretty set for me)… My first long lonely thought walk… I could go on and on and on… then again… it’s time for the pictures to start talking for themselves Smile

You can feel the rhythm of GOA as soon as you land in the city… there is a sense of … hmmm… calm… such a relief already from the busyness of living in a city. Strides are slow… you don’t even feel like walking too fast… its like you’re going against the very essence of the city Winking smile



The “messages” you’ll read on most vehicles in Goa… will let you know that it is a very “high on God’s list of Gratitude”!! then again… that sentiment is very personal and very Goan Open-mouthed smile They take pride in “leaving the hard work to God”… what they do… is completely enjoy the protection… definitely on the roads Open-mouthed smile

Quite in contrast to the PAINTING ON THE WALL Winking smile which would have more messages about… where you can get chilled beer… (it’s the water you drink… all through your stay in Goa!! That is my GOA mantra… “stay beer happy, go beach hopping and eat (only the local food Open-mouthed smile… Am going to have to do a whole new post to do justice to the GOAN food!!! ha ha)… there is a local goan brew that is brilliant!!! To get into the real rhythm of Goa… Winking smile 


To get into the real rhythm of Goa… Winking smile the bottle is so cute… that you can’t stop sipping Winking smile


This is a picture of GOA that truly represents how hard working they are… especially in the villages of Goa… where, most people grow their own rice and wheat… for us… the excitement of clicking this picture for our “Farmville” extensions… ha ah ha… take a closer look at the picture… the colour of the homes… greens, reds, purples, yellows… it feels like the rainbow descended on the city… leaving a myriad of colours!!


Goa_2010 076

Goa is about the sea and the sea food… maybe, the rhythm of Goa… so INCOMPLETE without a feet in water moment… when you stand at the shore… gaze at the sunset… and wonder if you could actually LIVE here forever.


The sound of the waves rushing to the shore… is an invite from HEAVEN to stand still… and feel the expansive vibrational wow of nature… the infinite possibilities of life TOUCH YOU and HEAL YOU!!!

An Ode to GOA…


Goa, you make me want to stay longer… yet I must go… only to return to you to feel loved and so much more… I could tell the world that your “RHYTHM is DIVINE”. You’re where life’s rhythm is redefined… your precious and perfect… stay lazy and loved: Mystiic

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8 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Rhythm

  1. Great pictures!!
    I’m just back from the Argentinean Patagonia and planning next destination, maybe Goa would be my theme 🙂
    Great job!!

    • write to me when you’re going there… will help you plan an adventure… including sharing all the food ideas with you. Exactly where to go for authentic goan food!! 🙂

      • That is always the great advantage I look for in my travels, the discovery of the true face of the countryside and the peasantry (food -of course- included) … and that is impossible without being led by those who already know the places. I take note, and you may be surprised to see me out there .. 🙂

  2. Sooo cool, makes me want to go right now. Love this phrase: the expansive vibrational wow of nature. Love love love it.

    • I have always felt a certain shift in energy in GOA… it is something I feel people can choose to experience!!! 😀

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