Moody Mystiic: Who Am I (Part II)

There is a consistency in our behaviour, that is born from our “I am…”, “I am NOT…”,  & “I know…” statements!! In continuation to the process I began with Moody Mystiic: Who am I… (which I reckon you should read before you continue reading this piece)

Think about all the things you THINK you are… a list of answers to… WHO AM I? Answered honestly, will reveal some of your TRIGGERS for certain behaviours.

While I was making my list last evening, I was pretty taken aback by the flow of words I use for myself… quite often, quite unknowingly… and yet, each of them… rings true!! These are blindspots… which with Gratitude can be seen and healed… the result… a better self image internally, that radiates externally.

So, in my curiosity, that let flow on to the pages of my diary… my I am’s were a pretty much, what I was “frustrated about”… some of them…

1) I am lazy 2) I am lonely 3) I am taken for granted 4) I am driven by guilt 5) I am responsible 6) I am fat 7) I am tired 8) I am hurt 9) I am blunt 10) I am rigid 11) I am pretty much a push over 12) I am single and loving it 13) I am sick tired and fed up 14) I am so worried about…. 15) I am always running behind schedule 16) I am an owl 17) I am a butterfly 18) I am sensitive 19) I take things personally and hurt 20) I am not as good or perfect as…

Amazing, how I have been living with so many labels and quite truthfully, have never really brought my awareness to these statements I make… all the time… around family. I also have a set of statements I make around friends and I also have a set of statements that use pretty consistently in my work too!! And my truth… is that each of them… have consistently proved themselves… in accordance to my accepting these labels at a sub conscious level. My reflections while doing the exercise also brought to light some of the very powerful statements I’ve made over the years… that have also come true!!!

1) I am a healer 2) I am a successful entrepreneur 3) I am a published author 4) I am blessed with a very special relationship with Jesus 4) I always have what I need 5) I am gifted 6) I am empowered 7)I am dedicated to living the best life I can 8) I am positive 9) I am a pinch hitter 10) I wasn’t created to do small things Winking smile 11) I know… because Jesus wants it 12) I am always protected and guided by angels 13) I have a very special relationship with God 14) The most important line in the Bible to me “… created in the image and likeness of God” 15) Gratitude is the shortest way to success 16) Every creation has a purpose and till the purpose is realised… we don’t pass on 17) God has created someone so special for me… each day… we are being refined to match each other’s purpose 18) I am a child of God and a complete brat Winking smile 19) Jesus isn’t a commodity, he is an experience!! 20) Gratitude to All That Is for ALL THAT IS!!

Both are from the same person, living the same reality… part II is however, the area which I consciously have learned about myself and experienced through my life. Part I are the areas that are my sub-conscious “blindspots” that consume my energy… leaving me sad for a bit and pretty isolated!!

This is my story… YOU too have your own story… one is a path to ashes and the other the path to glory…

WHO AM I… is your personal guide to where you are in accordance with your sub-conscious and conscious YOU. The balance is in KNOWING and FEELING both… for the ISness of the lesson.

My greatest joy and deepest Gratitude is in ACKNOWLEDGING both… and choosing, consciously to heal the sub-conscious blindspots by letting my conscious claim to COMPLETION light up my path… ONE STEP AT A TIME!!



8 thoughts on “Moody Mystiic: Who Am I (Part II)

  1. Hi mystic; I liked your post. Lots of introspection and food for thought.What do you think of this idea? “I am” is a consistent vibration of the highest order. “I am” ( lazy, fat, lonely, perfect, gifted, etc.) are words with vibrational energy, which modify the energy of “I am.” Vibrational differences try to achieve energy balance, and in doing so modify each other until balance is achieved. Our personal vibration is therefore, the state of vibrational equilibrium (balance) we have achieved as the result of our thoughts. Any modification in our thinking results in a new higher or lower level of personal vibration, as that thought is integrated into our being.

    • very true!! All it takes is a new “I am”… thread that changes the individual vibration. What I have come to understand… there are dormant… “I am” vibrations which are lower vibrations… related to our social stimulus!
      It is also pretty interesting, that for most part most of us are not aware… that we are acting according to a thought pattern… it is so important, to be aware enough to BREAK IN with a new thought… 😀

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