Moody Mystiic: Celebrating the Good!!


We believe God wants you to know …

that you will get back to solving all the wrongs in a moment, – how about taking a moment to treasure what is right.

All too often we focus so intently on solving the problems, that we forget to zoom out and celebrate what is good in our life already.

It is time now for a little “Celebration” right here… right now!!! Something I regularly share with my diary… now I am sharing right here… the intent… to be able to come back someday… when the grey clouds are dense… and the silver lining eludes… I’ll know that there is a place of high vibration… in Mystiic Space!!

1) My doubts… the ones I knew existed… and the unknown doubts… are now at a time of revealing… the pain seemed real… only till I got a prompt from the angels… of another perspective!! The one that comes from the healing light of love… the only step I was asked to take… is to move from a place of “doubt”… to a place of “clarity”!!

There are times we look back on old relationships and ask ourselves… had we stuck around longer… would things be any different? Till destiny brings those very people back… a new conversation begins… brings back old “if’s and but’s”, yet, when you see it from the point of view of ANGELS… they make you see, why they helped you take a difficult decision AND STICK BY IT! Winking smile

2) My Judgments… the blind spots I never saw… were revealed… I understood, that it was a CHOICE I was making… Learned to live like an OBSERVER… can’t tell you how powerful it can be!!

We all feel ALONE in a time of turmoil or depression. The world, we feel is getting at US, becoming too demanding. The truth is, quite unknowingly, we ASSUME the place of VICT(I’M) instead of VICT(OR). In the first case we want VALIDATION in the second we learn to EVALUATE!! When you EVALUATE, what becomes powerfully evident, is the TRAP we create with thought and get trapped in word.

3) My Anxiety… moved me to a place of “finding what’s wrong” to CORRECT. This creates so much pressure… for what I wasn’t aware of, is that in my ANXIOUS moments, I tried to play GOD… or ASSUMED I must Winking smile Then again, when I did turn to God and SURRENDER the anxiety, miracles began to happen. In retrospect, I wasted so much “happy time” anxious, only because, I didn’t allow myself the pleasure of actually practicing “GOD KNOWS BEST”.

We’ve been out on a house hunt, in spurts of course, yet the pressure was real, won’t deny that there were moments, I was moved to “EXTREME” actions to prove a point. My Mom has a phobia of moving home… I guess, she doesn’t quite like for her “comfort zone” to be rocked. She was praying that something would work out with our present landlord… and so she decided not to look at new possibilities… when pushed… she would lash out! On the other hand, me… I spent calling up estate agents… fixing appointments, till I feel sick and couldn’t move out of the house!! Yesterday like magic, the whole puzzle fell into place, our present landlord, decided we could stay on, with an increase in RENT. Mom is relieved, her prayers answered, something I learnt… when you do KNOW that GOD KNOWS BEST… SLOW DOWN… LONG ENOUGH to LET HIM WORK IT OUT!! I understood, that she had actually practiced what she knew to be God’s way of working… and received. On the other hand… in my ANXIETY, I tried so hard… to make things happen… that I didn’t stop long enough to read the SIGNS. Yet, today, thanks to MOM I am smarter again Smile (shh… if you meet her, don’t tell her I said this…Winking smile in public)

4) My Family… The extension of who I am… The tallest WALL of ((off))FENCE and ((deaf))FENCE for me. They are the hardest to please… yet, the most important part of LEARNING to BE WHO I AM!! They are the FENCE I am surrounded by and am safe within. They are the part of ME, most sacred to all of my achievements to this day. I have always found the greatest pleasure in their CRITIQUE of almost NOTHING that I DO!! They are my DEAF sounding board… without which, I would’ve never ventured into the virtual world to share my learnings, yearnings and rantings.

It is amazing, how, because of them, I chose to begin my blogging life. I longed for them to understand my work and my calling. They are the reason why I worked early and earned. They are the reason, I chose, in an unknowing way, to walk away from COMMITMENT in a relationship or living on my own. I always felt that I needed to have their approval on almost everything I ever did. I chose them… over all else. Today, as they continue their path… I understand, more clearly, why I love them so dearly… I am incomplete without them. I love them with their “own identity” intact. The LETTING GO… so complete in accepting them for who they are to me… Irrespective of their “DEALS” Open-mouthed smile

5) Gratitude & Angel Assistance… understanding the flow of “God’s Plan”. Has been the most celebrated part of my life. It always has… is… and will always be. I consider my life, a GIFT, a TESTIMONY of God’s presence!! There isn’t a part of my day, (with and without its ISSUES) that doesn’t feel like a BLESSING!! Most of my moments of “OMG, Did I really pull that off”!! All comes from RETROSPECT and FEEDBACK!! Yet, in that moment, ALL THAT IS conspires to bring me to or bring to me… all the resources, MENTAL, PHYSICAL and FINANCIAL… that I need to GET IT DONE!!

Even though, as you read this… you may wonder, IS IT FOR REAL!!! I know that my life is a testimony… I am not religious… even though I belong to a religion!! I am in AWE of the many ways in which GOD has assisted my “in accordance to my asking”, to overcome, what the world sees as “IMPOSSIBLE” and learn to LOVE more through these experiences. It is amazing, how, in every situation, I am blessed with ANGEL ASSISTANCE, REMINDERS, MESSENGERS, CHANNELS, PEOPLE, AFFECTION, KNOWLEDGE and MIRACLES!!! Even when I am counselling, I feel a lesson coming through for me. I see a gift in every circumstance, there is never a time that I have to tell a sad story… it is always about the success born from a sad story… that makes the HEADLINES in my life. I am grateful for happenings, I don’t see anything as bad.. I just ASK of my ANGELS to help me understand… “THE PURPOSE”… it is amazing… how suddenly, I can see GOOD… even in the DEVIL!! I don’t FEAR, the CHALLENGE… The CHALLENGES fear my SUPPORT SYSTEM. Even in times, when I think I am in a state of DEPRESSION… I only have to ASK for the WHY of the NEED to LABEL myself… and my ANGELS deliver a MESSAGE that fuels the GOD LIGHT within.

6) My Vibrational Connect… it’s an amazing feeling to feel connected to almost everyone and everything. It is vibrational… I can sense my needs/their needs/our needs of each other. It is amazing how everything, seems all ONE!! I can see the miracle of my thoughts being radiated back into my reality… by the very vibration of… the way it feels!!

There are many times, we ask… and forget. Or read… want to know… and forget to find out. Yet the vibration we’ve sent out with the INTENT… has already been met with in an energy where… thoughts become things. It is amazing, to feel the connect, virtually… it is now a fascination… really, reminders coming from so many different sources. Helps in understanding that at a vibrational level, we all are so connected in thought. Often, a post, a  comment or a picture is all it takes to “RAISE VIBRATIONS”… Isn’t it amazing, to be able to SOAK in the vibration, in which all we’ve ever thought of… are thinking of… or will ever think in the future, is already in bloom!

My deepest intent… is to be witness!! First, learning, how to witness the magic of being me. Today, I dedicate myself to “Celebrating” all the sudden thoughts that are popping up in my head… !!

Here’s wishing, that this post, may trigger for you, your own special celebration!! Much Love and oodles of Gratitude… for being a part of my virtual life!! (((hugs))) Mystiic

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