The (Unofficial) Photo Challenge : Summer

The (Unofficial) Photo Challenge : Summer

Here’s where the second fun stop is… it’s SUMMER… for the (unofficial photo challenge on….
The special is coconut water!!!

My first entry… just my first 😉


19 thoughts on “The (Unofficial) Photo Challenge : Summer

  1. Awesome, Mystic, I can taste the coconut, yummy 🙂 Thanks for taking up the challenge, bring on summer. xxx Ailsa

  2. hey mystiic! what a lovely picture! and so very summer-ish! In india, coconut water vendors on roads and sugarcane juice stalls on roadsides are the sure signs that summer is here. You should check this out , its about coconuts but in a different way!

    • True… Tomorrow, when I am out… I’m going to get a couple of pictures of the all time favourite… summer ice Popsicle on the roads of Delhi!! It’s amazing… how wonderful… Summer can be… One we reconcile with the temperature!! :))

      • unbelievable! I had thought of doing the same 🙂 you go ahead and do it, I will just feel happy gazing at them! love the gola walas. they truly mean summer, in this part of the world

      • have just posted my post on summer ….took another take completely, check this out,when u get the time.

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  4. Just set a new travel theme challenge, Mystiic I’d love you to join in, if you have the time! (I put on the post that it’ll run through Thursday so people won’t feel rushed to compete with the WordPress photo challenge – speaking of that, did you see this week’s photo challenge? Surprised me, that’s for sure 🙂 xxx Ailsa

    • 🙂 I immediately thought of you when I saw the post ;)… Sarah must’ve stumbled upon the (Unofficial Challenge) 😉

      I will have to actually go out on a Clicking spree… to get pictures off the street markets… don’t usually take those shots… promise… will try!! :))

      • You should have seen my face when I saw this week’s challenge theme, I laughed out loud. There were some really funny comments too, about a strange feeling of deja vu 🙂

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