Weekly (Unofficial) Photo Challenge : Reflections

Weekly (Unofficial) Photo Challenge : Reflections

The “Weekly (Unofficial) Photo Challenge” party is on at :
Where’s my backpack? has posted a challenge and would love you all to join in. See here::
Here’s my third entry… Even a TELEVISION has an opportunity… to reflect back to YOU the attention you GIVE to it!!

I am also taking this opportunity to invite… more of my friends from the WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE… regular gang to come and join the party!!!

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15 thoughts on “Weekly (Unofficial) Photo Challenge : Reflections

    • When someone takes an initiative… we must all chip in and help them make it LARGE …!! How’ve you been?

      • Pretty well. Getting over the tiredness from all the changes I’ve made, slowly but surely. School starts on Monday. Excited.

        It’s great to see how your blog is GLOWING with positive energy. Hugs to you! You’re very inspiring.

      • All the very best… I am so proud of you!!! Changes are all tiresome… and then in retrospect they are the stories we tell 😉
        Ask Wesley to give ya a hug from me… before you leave for school… with you in spirit!!

      • Changes ARE tiresome, even positive ones. You are right about that. AHA, very good – in retrospect they are the stories we tell (clever, very observant of you).

        Will do. THANK YOU, Mystiic. 🙂

      • I’ve had so many people asking me, I think I might try and do it again, it was a silly amount of fun. Hurrah. I’ll be sure to let you know what I come up with! Excited 🙂

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