100th Post… my ONLY online Gratitude Challenge ;) I promise :)

to be really honest, I really didn’t think I’d get past the challenge to keep “Mystiic” alive in word. WordPress was a SELF-CHALLENGE, to be able to share of my understanding and energy to write without EXPECTING, learning to just ACCEPT the prompts and allow the information I sometimes feel so unworthy of… flow through the magical mystical place of “thought”.

100 posts… feels like a brilliant GIFT to myself. So, Mystiic thinks it’s a brilliant moment in time to acknowledge the MIRACLE of ALLOWING… 99 posts of a critical SELF… to be expressed without a PERSONAL CRITIC Winking smile

Gratitude No. 1- No. 59) I am grateful for all the energy I receive right here… in this Mystiic Space on www.wordpress.com. 59 followers… a gift… I am sooooooooooo grateful for!! You keep me addicted. I can’t begin to tell you how absolutely important each one of you are to me. You make me feel so blessed. I feel like, I have a connect with each one of you… and without you… I may have lost the SELF CHALLENGE!! 

Gratitude No. 60) I am grateful for each post I’ve read!! Everyone is so giving of themselves, its amazing to share this energy… it is magical how posts have drawn my attention… and revealed a deeper insight about me to me.

Gratitude No. 61) I am grateful for the “weekly photo challenge”, I found myself a brand new hobby… photography, didn’t ever think I was good at it… now I look forward to every challenge.

Gratitude No. 62) I am grateful for www.Zemanta.com and the brilliant work they do, in helping me, find so much interesting content… in co-ordination with the content I was putting out. Helped me understand how connected in content we all are. Everyone has pretty much the same thought… the way we express it… is so diverse there’s so much to learn from.

Gratitude No. 63) The number comments from my top 3 blogger friends… you are my TRINITY of support!! Zen my reality check, Forever Poetic my daily dose of sentences Smile Sanora, you are the words of the questions I ask in thought!!

Gratitude No. 64) I am grateful for the “Post a Day” challenge, kept me posting and posting more… love it. Ha ha ha… there are days I’ve surprised myself, with more than just a POST A DAY.

Gratitude No. 65) Grateful for music… makes me think of Mambo No. 5 Winking smile For every song I’ve listened to on loop and posted for all to listen to. Listening to music got me back to looking for new music… and even though it maybe pretty late in my finding it… I now have developed a curiosity to actually listen to some new music for me… old music maybe for the rest of the world… I am now a REGGAE girl… and I love it!!

Gratitude No. 66) I am grateful for the many times, I have received, invaluable support, pretty much like the angels using another blogger to bring me to a brand new and deeper answer to a question I asked in thought… well, it has all been delivered indeed!! Right here… YOU who are reading this… I am grateful for you… Your BLOG must’ve been a source of learning for me.. which is why… the angels kept you reading till here… Gratitude in abundance to you.

Gratitude No. 67) I have actually upped my “thank you” with wordpress. I thank each time I check in… to read, write or simply check-in Winking smile For follows, for likes, for comments, and for some INSPIRING content. In addition to my regular “thank you” moments… I am a “Gratitude Freak” (my friends and family find that funny… then again… how do you explain “Gratitude” when everything around is working in the opposite direction Winking smile )

Gratitude No. 68) I am grateful for the time, I get to spend with me. It has definitely been a time of spiritual growth. There are times, I spend long times of silence, before I come here to write. These times, though full of questions have a special meditative quality Winking smile I get to listen to the deeper hunger for growth. For the first instinct is always what I go with… comes from within.

Gratitude No. 69)  I am grateful for the miracles… they come at a dozen a day. I am sure they’re more… I manage to get so excited, I am sure I miss noticing scores more that simply happen.

Gratitude No. 70) Has to be the 1906 views… it is a blessing that so many passed by and stayed long enough… much gratitude to you… may my love reach you… even if you haven’t reached this no.

Gratitude No. 71) Ah… my deep gratitude  Arch Angel Michael… posts, the ones I’ve reached… have been very on the spot… I can feel angelic presence as I read them… feels good, feels generic and definitely reads like I hear him speak with me… I’ve often found a channeling while surfing… I like the message to find me… it is then an affirmation… Smile  I would recommend you check out the other channelings too.

Gratitude No. 72) For the weather in Delhi today!! A blessing… the last two days have been 38-40 degrees centigrade. Yes you did read it right.

Gratitude No. 73) Has to be for my first follower, even though I may have thanked her in general in the first-59, I’d like to make a special mention right here… right now Smile  Jaqualine Madden … with her post right now… which is “Why is sex good for you” Winking smile

Gratitude No. 74) My Gratitude for 3 absolutely blessed applications on www.facebook.com that also read my day… and spell out… like they read my thoughts and know my needs. Messages from God, Doreen Virtue’s Offical Page, Verse of the Day!!! Brilliant stuff!!

Gratitude No. 75) My Gratitude for finally finding a picture that describes, Mystiic… It found me, when a meditation of seeing this vision… a couple of days later…

I was tagged in this picture… vision

Gratitude No. 76) Another post… that TOUCHED BASE with my thoughts… I guess… it has to be the “READER” used well… I still love the title… and sometimes am moved to actually… re-read this… honestly… the only post I read a couple of times over… Dear Bio-Dad…You are Forgiven 

Gratitude No. 77) my gratitude for the wonderful gift of www.deepositive.blogspot.com which is the place I find… BLISS!!!

Gratitude No. 78) my gratitude for the patience to actually create a post… to honour the 100th post… for those who know me… I am not too much of a long post writer. Winking smile

Gratitude No. 79) for the U.S.A… for every blogger who visited read or commented on this blog. I always joked about the fact, that my body clock works in US time… while I live India time. My blog is proof… that I do have a content connect there as well.

Gratitude No. 80) for my family, from whom I do, receive the legacy of writing… and loving it.

Gratitude No. 81) for every song I’ve sung… while writing… for me… a song creates momentum… as I write… Now I am wondering… if you’ve reached this part of the 100th post??? …. LEAVE A TIRED COMMENT please!!! Open-mouthed smile

Gratitude No. 82) for the inspiration to write poetry again… I don’t know if you’re read my poems… why don’t you give it a read… https://mystiic.wordpress.com/category/love-it-to-live-it/poetry/

Gratitude No. 83) My gratitude for the message I just noticed in the “category cloud” image… says it all!!!

Gratitude No. 84) My gratitude for my team… “Chennai Super Kings” winning the match today… by 9 wickets… right now… yippeee!!!

Gratitude No. 85) My gratitude for the spectacular gift of my talents… as I write this post… I am being reminded by the angels… to express gratitude for the personal gifts and graces that I am blessed to be born with… that I may share of it… right here… in expressing my gratitude in the high energy space that we’re creating together… as a lesson for me… to journal gratitude more often… instead of WAITING for a WORDPRESS reasons to do so Winking smile

Gratitude No. 86) My gratitude for a very powerful post…  it is also… a definite angel assisted piece…that found me… and brought me back to Gratitude… for the ISness of NOW “Reverse Gratitude”

Gratitude No. 87) My Gratitude for another very important post, that pretty much help me… clean up relationship issues… and move to a better more powerful understanding. When I read it back… I am surprised… at fact that it came from me. I love you… 10 ways to live it!!

Gratitude No. 88) My Gratitude for my life… I don’t know if I’d even be here… receiving this much inspiration… if I hadn’t been through the life I have… Am grateful… for all the people… who pushed me to WANTING and FINDING… ME time!!

Gratitude No. 89) My Gratitude for being able to be open enough to be read… and closed enough not to allow myself space to grow!!

Gratitude No. 90) My Gratitude for my now single mom… who, through my growing years… encouraged me to reach for my dreams… and never allow circumstances to come in my way. I learnt it directly from her own life… btw… also being stubborn is a gift I pretty much get from her!!

Gratitude No. 91) I am now.. better equipped to understanding the WHY of WHY PEOPLE DON’T get down to writing Gratitude Journals regularly. My Gratitude, for the very beautiful time I have spent reaching No. 91 in this post… YES YES… I shall make it to 100… at this point…I am just so happy I’ve reached this far… if you have… here’s a HUG for you.

Gratitude No. 92) I am guessing some of you have jumped over a lot I’ve written before this… to check out the finale… so here’s where my Gratitude begins for my favourite person in the whole world… my best friend, guide and help… JESUS. I would be nothing without his presence and the brilliance of experience he adds to every breath I take.

Gratitude No. 93) My Gratitude for the very essence of understanding how different perspectives meet and grow through communicating through a blog. I am grateful for being able to blog. With a lot of assistance from both earthly and heavenly angel support.

Gratitude No. 94) My Gratitude for the L.O.V.E as I now understand and experience it.

Gratitude No. 95) My Gratitude for Gratitude itself… the very source of ALL THAT IS!!

Gratitude No. 96) My Gratitude for the many sources of inspiration during this phase, I am going through… It is nothing short of a MIRACLE and the more I ALLOW… the more I am beginning to feel the powerful presence of… KNOWING & FEELING a whole new VIBRATIONAL wow… learning to love the rough ride… towards FOREVER!!

Gratitude No. 97) For the special gifts on the side… patience, wisdom, a deeper understanding of how the energy is working right now. How to harness the energy for my own good and for the good of every one I come in contact with… in the virtual and in my everyday life.

Gratitude No. 98) For my voracious love and hunger for learning more about my purpose, my work, my instinct and my very very powerful angel support team… assisting me… finding my balance in thought, word and deed!!

Gratitude No. 99) For being able to see my self, more clearly with each experience in faith… learning the ART of INSPIRING myself… by Practicing before I Preaching… and Preaching only that which I have practiced… making it a more personal sharing and being assistance in so many healings.

Gratitude No. 100) TRIUMPH… I managed to reach 100 without GIVING UP… I almost did at 70 Winking smile Thank you for all the times… YOU… dear UNIVERSE… use me as a CHANNEL of HEALING… for the 4 physical healings, YOU have effected through me. Powerful Creator… Continue to use me as a vessel of healing… We are all ONE.

For most of writing this post… I was wondering if I would ever reach 100… now that I have … a whole new set of “Thank You” are appearing like a scroll on the screen of my mind… ahhh… this post is already WAYYYYYYYYY to long by my own patience to read… So… Here’s the longest post you’ll ever read from me!! For the HAPPY 200 … I will think of something much shorter!!!

Love to all… Here’s to the longest 100 ever!!


8 thoughts on “100th Post… my ONLY online Gratitude Challenge ;) I promise :)

  1. 😀 hugs!!! In finding new ways to recognise it each day… is a challenge itself!!! All CREDIT to GRATITUDE!!! It swoops in… and raises the VIBRATION!!! :))

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