Weekly Photo Challenge : Unfocused

Weekly Photo Challenge : Unfocused

Try Clicking a dust storm… I just did… don’t know whether the breeze is to blame or my hanging over the balcony… ha ha ha

Waiting for the next photo challenge… is creating more UNFOCUSED moments… 🙂 😉


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Unfocused

    • 🙂 I am waiting for the challenge this week. I guess come Friday… the pictures on my COMPUTER ask… which are the chosen ones. Guessing… Sara… has run out of CHALLENGES to give us… OR… she’s checking to see how UNFOCUSED we can get 😉

      If you get the mail with the new challenge… PING me too :)) God Bless

  1. Nice sandstorm and I’m feeling unfocused and still waiting, too. Was counting on the photo challenge for my Friday post. Saturday and still waiting…

  2. Hya Mystiic – seeing as there hasn’t been an official weekly photo challenge this week, I’m stepping up and throwing down a challenge for anyone who’s interested.
    I’d love you to join in – the more the merrier. Pass it on. xxx

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