Understanding :“And the word became flesh and dwelt amongst us”

Jesus set his sight on “BIG PICTURE” !!!

Through Jesus God invites us to celebrate the power of the “Big Picture” of creation!

Jesus is the manifestation of “and the word became flesh and dwelt amongst us”. The proof, that in creation, we are the manifested truth of the CREATOR, meant to live a sample life filled with many experiences and choices. Each choice we make will lead us to a new experience. Each experience a new benchmark of our manifested purpose of being created.

As I continue to marvel at Jesus’ life, I begin to understand the POWERFUL KNOWING that he practiced right through his life on this earth. He spoke of things beyond the human understanding, what he really did was introduce the BIG PICTURE life of CREATION!! Jesus broke every rule set my man and introduced God’s divine plan!! 

Jesus taught through parables, only so that we’d make a conscious choice to read between the CIRCUMSTANCES of our LIVES that the “BIG PICTURE” may be revealed to US. If you read each of the parables, you’ll realise that there is information that you can use in almost every circumstance.

The main message Jesus was trying to to share with those he communicated with was to reach for a HIGHER AWARENESS. That the MIRACLES of life must be practiced in our everyday lives, through our everyday lives. Jesus filled the GAP between PREACHING and TEACHING!! It is so beautiful to even begin to understand HIS POINT OF VIEW!!! It appeals to EACH person in creation, for he taught what he understood of CREATION and harnessed the POWER of CREATION through ALLOWING this KNOWING and to ACCEPT his special purpose in MANIFESTING this KNOWING with every person he met. His solutions were so simple that it MOVED people to want to know more, to want to BE the person of JESUS that they may continue to LIVE in the JOY of KNOWING!!

How aware are we about God’s message to us in each situation we face in our day?

In each of his parables, Jesus reveals an INNER TRUTH about spirituality, faith of the “BIG PICTURE” that God created mankind with.

I’ve been a huge huge fan of the person of Jesus since I was a child!! I’ve always believed that Jesus had all the answers, always!! I can promise you from personal experience, that he’s never disappointed meOpen-mouthed smile. It has always been my greatest joy of knowing the presence of Jesus in my life, through the many experiences where I’ve stood at the brink… and recovered like MAGIC… to the greater belief that Jesus’ presence in my life and through my being draws all the answers to me, with the AWARENESS that they’ve arrived!!

He lived each day with the “BIG PICTURE” of impacting many lives by MANIFESTING by ACCEPTING and ALLOWING the KNOWING that he was created for a special purpose!! I guess, he affirmed it so often that it MANIFESTED into the SINGLE TRUTH of his life!!

To know JESUS is to begin the JOURNEY of your own LIFE PURPOSE for his life will INSPIRE you, to LIVE your LIFE in the KNOWING that YOU ARE CREATED IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD and therefore your PURPOSE is ONLY WAITING TO BE REVEALED. It must be revealed when your SIGHT is SET on the “BIG PICTURE” instead of the little details of your HUMAN knowing!!

I would urge you to get to know JESUS better, that is IF, your INTENTION is to PRACTICE the LAW of ATTRACTION more completely!! He’s the BEST EXAMPLE of living in the KNOWING!!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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