“I KNOW who hold’s the Future…

… and he’ll guide me with this hands. With God things don’t just happen. Everything by him is planned.”

When we look out for signs… We receive them!! We receive them for the intent from which we ask… is far greater than the words we often use to describe it. Yet… there is an angel always posted by each intent… saying to the creator energy with us “Your will be done”.

Knowing and Feeling… is becoming quite a happy place for me. What I know, I begin to feel… keeps me ALERT on my thoughts… and even more exciting, keeps me Grateful for the mysterious ways in which I receive, the support I need to stay in the blissful state of Gratitude.

In an earlier post… Princess Diaries… I was in the process of RECEIVING a brilliant lesson on KNOWING and FEELING. Challenged me to no end… as all challenges first appear. Now, I am beginning to truly understand what it meant… So, I decided to promptly blog it, instead of journaling it.

I decided, then, made my CHOICE. To RECEIVE DIVINE GUIDANCE… all I needed to do was to ACKNOWLEDGE the signs. The beautiful part of the entire process is the deeper inner knowing of recognising the messengers.

1) I KNEW my team was meant to win the game last night. Looked pretty unlikely with 3 overs and 47 runs to get… I raised my ASKING to HEAVEN… One swift thought… “I know they’ll win today. I don’t want to KNOW how… I just want to witness the MIRACLE… NOW. Please”

… Chennai Super Kings won a dramatic match last evening. The first scene I returned from making the intent… loss of the 6th wicket!! I smiled… I knew differently. The next 12 balls… brilliant. A dramatic turn of events… 2 batsmen at 0 were on the crease… 12 balls, 4 sixes and a couple of 4’s later… we WON!! Ha ha ha… most of the Indian population are of the thought that all the matches are pretty much FIXED… I know this particular one was FIXED… on request Winking smile 

2) This afternoon, my sister dropped in, to help with house hunting…. so is my second sister trying to help… finding new agents who can show is homes. The exasperation levels are high. I guess that happens when they feel that the pressure is coming on them!! I almost got into the energy… I knew it was a prompt to be alert… I could feel the level of agitation and judgment rise like the phoenix inside me… I was a couple of seconds away from making pretty harsh judgments. When intervention came in the form of a post from Sanora… I even reblogged it… to indent the moment of support from the angels… through a fellow blogger. Smile 

As I read the words… they calmed me down… returned a smile!! Like the angels had given me a hug… letting me KNOW that they were close at hand… assisting me in making a choice… breaking a pattern.

3) I was only just thinking of HOW to support a friend, living in a different city… with positive encouragement he needs, knowing, I can’t travel to be there to assist him with this phase of low energy.  Two other friends of mine, in the same city are having a “girls night out” tonight, I asked if they would be okay with meeting him… for a bit tomorrow, to cheer him up.

Surprise surprise, they have already planned to meet up with HIM tomorrow. Buzzed to tell me that too!! This is a manifestation of his THOUGHT… played out through the rest of us.

Well well… the pleasure… of being in a high vibration of Knowing & Feeling and Trusting in the prompts we receive and immediately raising them UP to heaven for assistance!! Ah… On days like this, I wonder why I ever worry at all. Each moment is a blessing in waiting to be acknowledged… just waiting!!

Knowing… can be a pretty big challenge… sometimes, they’re DOTTED with many intervening thoughts, asking you to stop believing in miracles, feeling the miracles as complete, by the very act of affirming a thought and acknowledging the way you feel when the KNOWING is revealed to you. In my experience, it has always been a smile… followed by silence and a need to take a deep breath… ( a personal way of sealing the deal) and an inner sound of Gratitude filling my being. I feel like a child in these moments… and that is such a brilliant brilliant moment.

While Knowing & Feeling… I deeply understood… T.R.U.S.T… which will be my next post this happy and positive and special Friday Winking smile 

I do wish for the whole world to experience the powerful powerful KNOWING and FEELING too… May my INTENT find you… ASKING for your own MIRACLE and RECEIVING the KNOWING… that it is NOW… FEELING its MANIFESTED SELF to YOU!! 


5 thoughts on ““I KNOW who hold’s the Future…

    • Its amazing, how so many of us are on the same path!!! It’s glad that we’re getting connected… the WE purpose shall soon be revealed!! :))

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