… Angels at work!! How often, have you had a moment… when you needed a higher thought… to reach out to… and one just seems to POP IN… and say “Hello, I am HERE”.
It is such an exciting feeling, to be in the awareness of Angel Help… at the speed of Gratitude!!
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When another person’s thoughts, words, or actions, feel unloving, a person should make an inquiry within themselves, as to why there is any impact made on your psyche.

If you are so sure, that the statements made by the offending party are incorrect, then why have they made an impact at all? If someone said you had blue eyes, when in fact they were brown, would you be terribly upset?

There are lessons to be learned by both parties, in situations such as these. The lesson is, that we personally give all the meaning, and impact, that any situation may hold for us.

Regardless of what has been said, or what has transpired, we decide how we will react to it. And,…since there is a wide variation, in how people respond to the same circumstances, it becomes obvious, that there are no set responses,… we are all at…

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