Moody Mystiic : The Fascinating “NOW”

I spend time meditating on my options. I am honest with myself concerning my feelings about my decision, and I follow the path that my heart and soul guide me to. It is safe for me to make choices.: Doreen Virtue

And we live happily ever after!!

We are a people of NOW. Now is the timeline we generate. Now is the moment of choice. Every memory is a time-lined NOW moment.

In a NOW moment, we take every decision. Which is why NOW is the moment in which, we will begin another future NOW manifestation.

Now is the moment to indent that which you would like the future. Make an INTENT NOW… that you may begin a brand new process of manifesting.

Somewhere in a past challenging NOW moment…

: you feared getting everything you wanted.

: felt unworthy of being happy.

: felt the pressure of sustaining and were ready to give up.

: someone told you that you’d never be happy, if you were selfish.

: someone hurt your confidence.

: you were angry and wished yourself pain.

: someone hurt you and you buried it deep within you.

: a promise was broken and you learnt not to trust in goodness

: a life event, tested your belief in goodness

: you made a promise, in the heat of the moment, to never allow anyone to hurt you again.

: you allowed yourself to feel guilty for someone else’s pain.

: you told yourself, “my life is miserable”

: I can handle anything!

… this is part of what is manifesting in your NOW.

It is time NOW to begin to CONSCIOUSLY create a brand new future NOW in which the manifestation will appear into your reality.

It is time NOW to realign your INTENT to deliberately moving yourself into the CREATOR space… you will at some point call DESTINY. NOW, I am beginning to see a brand new “BIG PICTURE” of tomorrow. It is intended in the NOW as I write this piece… KNOWING that I am putting a brand new VIBRATION of NOW into the FUTURE.

In the NOW of THIS MOMENT in time make a NEW CHOICE:

: I am always supported by angelic guidance, the guidance of the small voice that is the higher consciousness of YOU.

: I am positively aligned to the magic of manifesting, the best I can imagine or better.

: I am now in alignment with Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!!

: I am in my own home, filled with love, light, laughter and all I ever dreamed of and even better.

: I allow, myself, the pleasure of fame, success and fortune in accordance to my asking or more.

: I accept the abundance of God’s plan in all areas of my life.

: My Gratitude fills my life with so much to be grateful for.

: I attract high vibrational support and affirmed manifestations in all areas of my life.

: I am abundance in the spiritual and material form… I give of myself and receive for myself with Gratitude!!

: I easily attract all that I need, with each breath I breathe I am moved to a deeper gratitude for my life and the lives of those I come in contact with.

: I am blessed to have a perfectly flawed partner, we compliment each other, together we are in complete alignment with God’s plan for us and through us.

In every NOW….
a thought is recognized
A dream is shared
A choice is made
… A memory is also a NOW of a past moment!

: Mystiic


3 thoughts on “Moody Mystiic : The Fascinating “NOW”

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  2. Your words of pure energy and power have lifted me sweeping my mind away to a positive place of self assurance casting away all doubt, all worries and most of all that is detrimental to my inner spirit! If He is for us…who can stand against us! Life begins anew when one takes that very first step towards the small but powerful voice of life and wisdom! A very special rewarding message!

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