Moody Mystiic : Emotional Craving

Much to my own surprise, the very act of writing is becoming a medium of healing!! A healing so beautiful, that it is moving me in a direction of inward change and outward radiation of this change. Miracles are happening everyday… just waiting to be acknowledged and raised to the powerful Creator.

As I write here, I feel a sense of OneNess, all of us are heading in the same direction, wanting the same things, feeling the same feelings. The powerful truth is in our Individual experiences. Which brings me to a deeper understanding that we all, in our lifetime, have chosen similar challenges, the learning is in how each one of us have reacted to the challenge.

Our intense emotions tether us or set us free. We are moving to a place of truly understanding the very powerful energy at work, in our lives and through our lives. There are some of us, that want to vent, some who want to invent and some who are here with a completely different intent. Yet all of us, seeking EXPRESSION. Seeking to find a healing path, maybe in our release, lies another’s healing, a third person’s trigger and a fourth person who will be the catalyst of our awareness.

It is recommended with much love to be aware of the content you’re moved to read, some of the words and sentences that you will read, begin to work on your subconscious without your conscious permission.

I am no expert at this, just that while I read, I can pick up certain energy prompts that draw my attention… It then is a choice I make, whether or not to share these thoughts. Today, as I prepared to begin writing, I received in thought, the challenge to share as I receive.

I am being told, as I write, that we’re all making choices each day… each choice we make, is conditioning the world we live in. It is scary, the intense emotional vibrations we are sending out into our environment. The challenge is to be able to ASK for healing, send healing and allow the LOVE within us, to move ourselves to a new awareness.

Awareness of our emotional craving. Where are they leading us towards, who are we getting attracted to, what is attracting us? The content we’re drawing into our subconscious.

My promise to myself, is to understand the emotional craving, ask for healing and receive it in abundance. That the healing that radiates within me, will move me to help others too!!

Have you observed your emotional craving recently… does it leave you overwhelmed, anxious and a little restless? Listen to your inner voice, there is something it is trying to tell you… You ask for Goodness, You ask for release… why then do you feel like you have to wait… sometimes so long, that it hurts!!

Stop… for a bit each day… understand your emotional craving and make a choice to listen to the prompts… they lead you towards GOD’s plan for you.





18 thoughts on “Moody Mystiic : Emotional Craving

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  3. Nice insight.

    Yes we have choices.Emotions in my opinion are to wo we are. We all have The same amount of emotions. We all have experienced all of our emotions.

    In her book Focused and Fearless, Shalia Catherine wo has as seven or eight years in silent retreat, demonstrates how to explore pleasant, unpleasant and neutral feelings.

    If we can focus on our breath and pull back from Pleasan or unpleasant to let it exist on its own. Pleasant or unpleasant will change. We can actually pull back from anger, rage or fear just like unpleasant.

    The emotion will then quickly fade. Emotions are not who we are. I am here present with all my emotions and feelings at my ready to decide with my choice will I engage tis emotion or let it fade.

    Try vacating judgments next. The ego is the one who gets mad, upset or resentful.Example, driving yesterday some one cut me off. My ego immediately was insulted and angry. My reaction was to acknowledge that hey my ego is mad, oh well, to bad.

    I ignore and let that anger fade helplessly, and harmlessly I stay calm.


    • Marty, So true, we all don’t often, let things be JUST AS IT IS… we all feel the need to define them. The process of DEFINING… is the ENERGY draining part of the entire exercise! What is amazing… is that when we learn to OBSERVE, it is easier to accept the ISness of the situation. You will love the post on “My Date with Judgment”, its easier to deal with, than I first thought! :)) I look forward to our sharing… I see a beautiful learning coming through for the both of us!! God Speed!!

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