Angel Affirmation : Doreen Virtue’s Message

Thought for Today:

I remember that I am one with God, eternally and in every situation. Everywhere I am, God is always by my side, watching over me unconditionally and loving me in all ways.

First the message on GIVE… with Corinthians… followed by… The post on RECEIVE from fellow blogger Now for the angel affirmation from Doreen Virtue’s page on Facebook!! A reminder… to all of us!!

As I continue to receive a whole new powerful life lesson… I know it’s a follow through… (I guess, the beckoning, the lesson of HOW LIFE HAS A WAY WITH US!) It began with a deeper understanding of the general way of life… now culminating in omens and signs and guidance on how life has a way with us… In Gratitude… I am Awestruck and Receiving!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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