“We have a way of LIFE and LIFE has a way with us!”

“We have a way of LIFE and LIFE has a way with us!”

We are not a people of submission really, we haven’t been that way for many generations, now. We can move almost anything at the very mention of it… closer to our comfort zone. We move everything around for one purpose, to create “a way of life” that moves us to a place of rest… we call “Achievement”.

Achievement, a social talking point. Has pretty clear parameter “COMPARISON”. We can only count our Achievements when, we have someone who has “more” or “less” or “similar”. Personally, we pretty unknowingly at first, then in due course of time, we begin to motivate ourselves to a new high/height by finding more ambitious comparisons to measure our own “way of life” to rate our achievements. More like a game, “who is leading and how can we get there?

Comparison, is born from our need to have a fitting “way of life” that is personally and socially acceptable. We push ourselves, our children, our relationships to match the “EXPECTATIONS” of the environment in which we “wish to be”. Here’s the catch 22 Winking smile which must’ve been the source for “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Since most of us, spend so much time in looking at the greener expanse of “the other side”, we forget to water the grass on our side with much needed Gratitude!! If we only took the opportunity to communicate with “the other side”, we’d come to understand, that we’re the envy in their view Winking smile 

Expectation, is the follow through of “thought”. Interestingly, expectations are silent till it is triggered by verbal affirmations. Well, it can be as simple as making a list of “things to do” in order to A Winking smile. Once expressed in any form, they begin to magnetise your attention consciously to whether or not you’ve achieved. The proverbial beginning of COMPARISON!!

So, lost are we in this cycle… of Achieve, Compare, Expect… that we don’t realise, we’re moving in a CIRCLE. No matter which point we are at… we begin again… EXPECTING, ACHIEVING, COMPARING. We could begin with COMPARE, EXPECT and ACHIEVE!!  Each order… creates a brand new experience!!

Life… has a way with us… it does!! Till we make a new choice!! Which could be… look out for the next post… knowing the channel… my understanding is… it will be the Gratitude Channel Winking smile


5 thoughts on ““We have a way of LIFE and LIFE has a way with us!”

  1. Very good message….a true reflection of a person, is how close the image they see and what they feel in their spirt the are to the Lord! He came humbly to us to give out, our natural inclination is what someone can do for us, receiving. So our decline begins and the endless circle of ups and downs and coming back to the starting point like the children of Israel with Joshua. When one makes a commitment to others he begins to break the chain…the commandment do unto others as you would have them do unto you, or love your brothers and sisters as you would love yourself…always the first action to claim success is to reach out away from ourselves, for when we take that path it becomes the one of least resistance! Not waiting for someone to give to you or love you but beginning the action. When we chase after worldly titles and goods, we become selfish and spiritually bankrupt, for all of creation started with a single act of love. My forefathers said that there is always two men fighting each other inside, and who will win depends on the choices. People with less become more spiritual and their beliefs and faith is rewarded,..why the wealthy man is worried, how he can keep his wealth and already has his reward here. So we again see the first example, because you cannot serve God and money! Where your heart is, that is where your treasure is. That is why the majority is never truly happy, as the spirit is really bankrupt by the overswhelming spirit of selfishness. Christ had one robe and no place to lay his head, and he gave always from his spirit and heart. We have material things and most can only give empty words from their mouths and walk past those who starve! Why they themselves are the starved ones. What was always reflected in His life and ways…love! Life becomes a lot easier to bear….but will one turn away from his wealth and share…not many at all! our faces reflect our hearts, do they look hetic, worried, sickly, or like mother Teresa, a certain peace and joy that shows the large abundance of love that she was constantly given from He who is king, to continue feeding the hungry and healing the sick. Thats what came to my mind after reading your message…we are our own worst enemies…but we have time to change our lives while we still have breath in our lungs….make the choice on the path one would choose to shape their lives forever…His refection or the worlds! Peace!

  2. 🙂 Most often, we don’t realise, that we’re merely “puppets” of CHOICE!! Wow… loved the energy and deep introspection and point of where you’re expression comes from :))

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