Moody Mystiic : Surrender

Surrender… what a spectacular gift!! Surrender is really a matter of choice… You can choose to fight tooth and nail… stay stressed and anxious OR you can ask the Angels to assist you, lead you guide you and allow them to show you HOW it was meant to be done.

Surrender, isn’t easy, if you try using your HUMAN RESOURCES… Friends, Family, Mentors… the moment you start talking about what is troubling you… the pace at which questions and judgments come your way… can make you a WORLD CHAMPION ducker of issues at hand. In my experience, it is the sure shot way of staying explaining and dodging. You are too busy telling the story… instead of completing it. Also, I understood, that most people, need to know all the facts before associating… that makes it even more explanatory and exclamatory and you remain victim.  Surrender, according to US is about, giving in to a situation, for we have taken a human decision, that it just isn’t going to work. If you’re considered one of the STRONGER of the SPECIES (irrespective, if you really are a softie), people tend to be absolutely shattered, by your new found “surrender” to circumstances. It can be pretty hard on the self… oh yes… and there will be the odd person or two… who will actually tell you “ you should’ve known” Winking smile

I didn’t understand the power of true surrender till I tried it through the angels… lucky lucky to have felt their presence, even now, as I write this… my angels are smiling upon me… urging me to release… surrender… and know! Yet another part of me… needs some physical action to prove a point! I just got distracted… the phone beckoned me to send out a text… Surrender!!!

Surrender, I am beginning to understand, is the draw of awareness… surrender isn’t about giving up… it is about following through on the prompts we receive. Surrender is about allowing ourselves… the “pause” to “feel and choose”. Surrender is a gift… to let GOD let LIGHT… draw your attention to the Divine Order. Surrender brings amazing clarity… especially, when the communication is with the DIVINE ORDER through prayer… before we reach out to our HUMAN RESOURCES as directed by the DIVINE ORDER.

Here’s one of my favourite experience.. I’ll try to tell it like a story… or maybe just para it out Winking smile

A few years back… I was upset at work… so I complained to God… about, not wanting to be a nice person anymore. Hell, in my office… dishonesty got a prize that day!! It made me mad at myself, for not being able to make the boss see the truth or worse still, even though my boss did know the truth, he was willing to compromise for the sake of “not wanting to shake the applecart”. For Christ’s sake… is that how people grow in a company!!! Darn, I was so mad, honestly, willing to go that way.

The long walk down the lane… I was grumbling, asking God, why he allowed such people to prosper… with a promise, that I too would go that way. Since, I didn’t see him CORRECT the situation. I had dodged work early that day, to avoid “gossip” sessions, that would definitely get me even more on the edge… enough to say it LOUD!!

At the end of the road… there was an auto rickshaw waiting… usually, it would be a gift… to find one… and that too on a day I was super pissed with almost everyone. Without asking any silly questions, he smiled and I hopped in… I don’t remember telling him where to go… I just remember, sitting in the auto, without as much as acknowledging the poor man… with a smile. On my way home… my tug of war in thought continued… poor Angels… they were getting all the possible explanations in thought… me justifying a completely NEW… NOT ME… performance planning for the days to come Winking smile I guess… “If you can’t BEAT EM… JOIN EM”… was the thought forward.

Till I reached a little closer home… and realised, I hadn’t given any instructions. I asked the driver… “Do you even know, where you’re supposed to take me? You’re driving in the right direction though… so, have you dropped me home before?”. He smiled and said, “Yes, I know where your home is, I dropped you there almost 6 months ago. Don’t you remember me?”. I shook my head pretty affirmatively and said “No!”.

I was wondering, why, on a bad day… would a public transportation personnel be so familiar. I was curious to know!! He smiled and told me a story:

“Six months ago I picked you up from the same place I picked you up today. That day, for the first time in 30 years of driving, a passenger treated me with respect and equality”, he said.

I looked at him, I am usually pretty much the same… with every auto driver… I said to myself. I felt good though, that someone was touched by the way I am. So, I asked of him, for curiosity sake, “I am so happy I was able to make you feel that way. I am sorry, that I do not remember the incident, though, so it would be nice if you would be so kind to remind me.”

He smiled and said, “That particular day, I’d had a pretty bad day all day. When you stopped me, you asked me if I would take you, with a smile. Not very often do people treat us with respect. A little while later, you requested me to stop at the sweet shop. As you got off the auto, I was grumbling… thinking another passenger was taking me for granted. However, when you returned, you had a couple of bags in your hand and two plates of food too”, he said, smiling, “and I thought to myself, no wonder she’s fat”.

I grinned, I didn’t know where the story was going, all I knew… I was feeling better already… the complaining had stopped and I was communicating with someone, forgot how, challenged I was feeling just a few minutes back. I was smiling again… thanking God, for the change in thought… and feeling. Till the auto driver, interrupted me again… and continued his story!!

“You took one plate and gave it to me.” he said, as he continued… “No Passenger, had thought of me before. You reminded me that, I mattered too and that filled me with so much confidence and pride. It made me so happy. I went home and told my family, I met an angel. Today, when I took the delivery of my new vehicle, I remembered you! I had almost given up wanting to be of service, that day and it was you who gave me my confidence back in Goodness. So I decided, that YOU should be the first passenger in my new vehicle. I didn’t know where you worked, I just remembered where I picked you up from. So I drove straight from the factory and parked here, hoping you would walk down the lane and be my first passenger.”

I was so touched by the experience… He was my angel that day!! This story… always a personal reminder, that GOD DOES KNOW BETTER… and in my surrendering my thoughts… even though they were in sheer anger and frustration… the Divine Order… brought me straight back to ORDER Winking smile

Surrender… in thought… a very powerful and honest way to deal with situations… without complicating the energy transfer… it is so much fun. It is amusing and amazing, how God works… with us and through us!!

I never did meet the auto driver again… I am beginning to see him as an angel… who came, only to remind me… that GOD watches over me… protects me… and just about notices and orchestrates everything!!

Surrender… then to GOD… your deepest thoughts… ALLOW him to move you to action!!


4 thoughts on “Moody Mystiic : Surrender

  1. It seems our spirits are always bound together! Wonderful message which i thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks for sharing!

    • I guess… God works in Mysterious ways.. through many sources.. the message… same!! makes it easier for him to reach a larger group!! Lucky we are… to be connected to the powerful God thread (((hugs)))

  2. Great story mystic. So often as children we say “that’s not fair”. As adults, we suppress the statement, however, we still continue to hold the thought. Who said that life was supposed to be fair? GOD is just, but life is not fair, for the same reason that free weights in the gym are of varying weights which could be likened to our problems. Without the resistance that those weights and problems provide, there would be no increase in either our muscle mass, or our ability to move toward more expansive solutions to our problems. The development of consciousness stagnates in an environment free of problems.

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