Gratitude is victory of Faith over FACT!!!

To all of you who have begun using the power of Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!!!

When we begin to follow the path of Gratitude, a greater inner healing begins. This has been my experience with Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS. The gap is really the amount of “awareness of the process” of aligning to Gratitude from a deeper more complete perspective.

Since I begun my work with Gratitude, I’ve learnt a lot about the gap of knowledge between being in Gratitude and BEING GRATITUDE!!

When we first begin to use the phrase, we’re almost like little children with a new toy, we dabble with the thought all day long, completely love it. Its so wonderful that we accept the abundance without question… then comes phase II… when we begin to use GRATITUDE with a NEED for proof… and this happens when we begin to CONSCIOUSLY and conditionally begin to use the phrase to seek SPECIFIC results… this is when Gratitude becomes conditional and less effective for our awareness is in the PROOF not in the KNOWING!!

As I continued to express gratitude for this new awareness, at a subconscious level, the cleansing began. I can promise you, that every thought challenged the very belief of “Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS”, it felt like GRATITUDE itself was conspiring against me… challenging me to take a leap of faith and land by chance!! Lucky me… Faith won over fact… and I live to this day to share this KNOWING!! Smile

So, here’s my advice to you… if life seems a little tougher instead of easier… celebrate it!! It is in this phase that you are being refined from within, cleansed of conditions and conditional restrictions… ACCEPT this phase for the sheer joy of the victory of Faith over Fact… for Gratitude is the greatest gift of faith… and the greatest testimony of FAITH!!

Have you ever heard that a successful person put fact before faith??? Have you ever heard a success story without the experience of a greater faith and gratitude before the big break! If you feel you’re sinking in the circumstance… it’s time to ALLOW Gratitude to give you the wings to take flight!!!

Know Allow Accept Manifest… Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!!

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude is victory of Faith over FACT!!!

  1. Oh, the great pitfall of giving to get! You express the caution so well and provide the solution. Many thanks, Mystiic.

    • Gratitude to you… for stopping by! You are my Gratitude Angel… I keep asking God… to let me KNOW over and over again… if the path I’m on… is in accordance with his will… today… through you… I received a BIG YES!! Thank you … May God Bless you!!

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