Bits and Pieces of Everything

There are days when your mind is fritting about… and content has taken flight. When all you can think of are bits and pieces of everything!! So, I decided, that I’d share, all the bits and pieces of everything I’m thinking of… in a post… that promises to be as disjointed as the thoughts, they’re born from. Will stop at the next thing the mind says… and write it!!

This won’t be the first time, I let my random thoughts be expressed, it is also, my own little way of understanding… which thoughts I “EDIT”… at a sub-conscious level, when I am writing. I have always found this way to be a pretty wonderful way to release thoughts that FLASH for me to acknowledge them… and fade till another BLANK space moment Smile

There are so many single sentences in my mind… still none of them are completing themselves for me… wonder how much sense it would make to write… “half sentences” in a full post!!

I am grateful today for waking up with a smile… must’ve been dreaming about someone special Winking smile

I am grateful for NO THOUGHTS… I finally get to break away from the clan of “compulsive analysis”

I am grateful for family… they stir up emotions within me… that I didn’t even realise existed Winking smile 

I am grateful for the new leaf I see growing on a plant that was almost dead… it’s so much fun… talking and watering them back to happiness.

I am grateful for breathing, I remember, how difficult it seemed such a challenge when I had a cold!!

I am grateful for the time to sit here and write about the bits and pieces that come to my mind… pretty impromtu

I am grateful for less dust storms since my maid went on leave.

I am grateful that the delivery boy at the grocery store has come back from his holiday… yay

I am so grateful for the time off to enjoy a cup of coffee while reading… “a course in miracles”… the book found me… and I feel blessed to be able to absorb the beauty of it… one page at a time.

I am grateful for being able to forgive my self my high expectations of me… settling down with the powerful rhythm of life.

I am grateful… that my Gratitude found words… and now feels like a post.

Off to look for a new house… should be a lot of fun… Smile


3 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces of Everything

  1. …“half sentences” in a full post!!

    I know for sure what you are talking about 🙂 Sometimes it feels I want to settle for even less. If you dare to listen, out of the blue, less than a word becomes a fully fledged post or great idea for life 😉

    Course in Miracles – that it has found you…it is really smth…

    • True that!! I manage full posts on ONE word too 😉 It’s such a release… I always feel better… once expressed!!

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