My date with “Rock Bottom”

A lot of bloggers I’ve read through today… have been reminding of “Rock Bottom” so, I decided, it was time to revisit my old friend… “Rock Bottom”!! Ha ha ha… we have a dozen years behind us now!! “Rock Bottom” and I can pick up where we left off… in a good way!! I remember the time we dated… It was a time when people gave you the strange look… knowing you were even “thinking” of dating “rock bottom” … ha ha ha… and dressing up like it was the best day of your life!!

A lot of people HIT on ROCK bottom and got hurt… they seemed to think… “this couldn’t possibly be the worst”… If I hit harder I could go deeper!! I guess they looked at us… a strange couple… discussing the future… ROCK BOTTOM, became the first step to FOREVER MYSTIIC!!

Rock Bottom is where we get our REST… (oh yes!!… even if it means, being unemployed, emotionally challenged, unwell, lazy, procrastinating, untrusting, sleepy Winking smile … the experience of Rock Bottom is unique, for each one of us). It is the time when we actually have time, to retrospect on the choices we’ve made! We have a chance to make new choices!!!

Rock Bottom is a Casanova Winking smile, get’s to date everyone, I guess, Rock Bottom must have a special deal with the universe Winking smile On our first date… he got me drunk… I didn’t know how much I was hurting… till I began to talk… so much pain… and all he did… was sit in front of me and ask… “what else?”… after I was done… must’ve been a good 25 sad stories down.

When he spoke to me for the first time, all evening, “It was all of these stories that got you to your first date with me. Be grateful, that you’ve met me early in your life. Its always easier to court Rock Bottom when you’re young!!” he said

I liked Rock Bottom, he was listening to the sad stories of my life. He understood where I came from. He wasn’t being judgmental of my expressions of anger, hurt, pain, frustration. Then he asked me a question “How long do you want to keep dating me?”. Quite direct… and yes unexpected… I guess I was looking for a relationship here!!! “Dating me!!!”…. not the words I thought I’d hear… I felt we had a connection… deeper!!

He smiled, he knew, he had done what he was best at… moving me to make my choice that evening.  He explained something to me, that is now the foundation of the rest of my life since that encounter.

Rock Bottom, is a flirtation, meant only, to make you realise, that you can make new choices. Rock Bottom is a “point of return”. The more you tell a sad story, the sorrier you begin to feel for yourself. You will find, many “rock bottom” moments in your life… You can choose in this connection, exactly, what you expect from it… always be direct… Rock Bottom is flexible… in accordance with your asking! You can choose to use the date as a “trampoline” or a “sad sack stoppage space” or well ignore the signs and go deeper… till you decide!!

That first date… my only “sad sack stoppage space”… with him Winking smile Now, when we meet… we thank and I trampoline straight outa there Winking smile

The reason why… we’re still friends… our first date… the day I chose!! Now, when Rock Bottom visits… I still have about the capacity of 25… the only difference is… these are 25 stories that give me a “happy high”!! He marvels at my sticking to my “trampoline”… although in his view… “Rock Bottom” has become an addiction… I keep looking forward to my “NEXT LEAP IN FAITH!!


2 thoughts on “My date with “Rock Bottom”

  1. Lovely but true message! Thanks for always sharing your uplifting words!

  2. I heard this before, be glad when you hit rock bottom because you know you have nowhere to go but up. 🙂

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