Poetic Mystiic : Still standing in awe

I am standing still…

Still standing in awe.


I am Nobody…

No body… just a soul.


I am the edge…

The edge of a new horizon




Life is…. free falling…

Free falling with hope


I don’t know the future…

Still..the future… knows nobody


Now… is all that matters…


and now…


But, a breath….

A breath of life.


I am standing still…

Still standing in awe.


I am … Alive

I am… Nobody


4 thoughts on “Poetic Mystiic : Still standing in awe

  1. You write like a Buddhist. That’s a compliment. Not taking away from God’s presence. Your appreciation of NOW, I just love.

  2. (((hugs))) the NOW is such a tricky place… we get only but a glimpse… I am training myself… everyday… to stay in the NOW!! think about it… every decision we ever make… every thought we ever think… every memory… is the NOW only of that moment!!

    thank you for the compliment Zen… Your words… always sound like… angel affirmations!! You have a knack of making everything so special… God Bless you… Everyday, I learn something new… just knowing you 🙂

  3. Your humbleness speaks volumes of who you are! In you is a great love for all that you meet! The embrace they feel from your words, your comments makes you easily a special somebody who will ever be easily dismissed. For if one truly love themselves why would we dismissed a love that we know in our hearts and spirit everyday! That spirit of love means everything to me! And in that “You are a special someone” whom i have a date with time after time in my life’s spiritual journey! And your poem is Awesome!

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