Poetic Mystiic : In a world of strangers….

In a world of strangers … I looked for a friend…


Someone who could standby… and be ready to defend…

Someone who could be my strength in times of doubt…

Someone who could walk strong… even when I’d pout…

Someone who I could talk to … when the going was tough…

Someone who’d always say.. “Of you I can never get enough”


And then…


Like a dream come true… I heard you speak

Your voice so strong… yet so meek

As the wind chimes spoke with the breeze…

I felt a rush of excitement in my spine… and weak in the knees

I knew just then… I knew it strong

I knew in that moment… exactly where I belong


For those of you who read this … Here’s a wish from my heart


May every breath from this moment on be blessed with the joy of being whole.

As I share this joy with every living soul

Hold on to your dreams and look for the sign…

I wish you manifestation… by design

Just live each moment and know that its NOW

Increase the miracles in the world… and NOW you know HOW J


15 thoughts on “Poetic Mystiic : In a world of strangers….

    • Hugs to ya!! I hope that in my own little way… I can extend the love and light… that you’re so generous with… straight back to you… that it may radiate through you… and return straight to me 😉

  1. Enchanting and magickal is your Blessing of Wishes!
    Thank You for sharing
    Take Care…

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