Romancing Emotions

As I feel you I know,

you are my energy in flow!


As I know you I know,

You’re all heart, I glow!


As I touch upon your bliss,

I feel your loving kiss!!


I feel it so sure,

you are energy so pure!!


I judge you not… oh emotion of fear,

You’re only there to say “Now Clear”


I fear you not… oh emotion of lust,

I feel you now, like I know I must!!


I welcome you… oh emotion of peace,

you are the master’s piece!!


I am stronger with you… dear depression,

You’re here to help with self expression!!


I hear you… oh emotion of stress,

I learnt from you to “chill” to take time to BLESS!!


I fly with you… dear longing,

to my heavenly knowing, my belonging!!


I feel you… oh need to BE,

You are the best part of ME!!


I sense it… it is the gap of thought,

Gratitude Gratitude is all I’ve got!!


To experience you… my life feels rich,

Emotions Emotions… then where’s the glitch!!


You welcome each morning, with emotional sway,

keep me experiencing life… this KNOWING way!!


We toast to a lifetime of love in our stride,

In knowing you, is a lifetime of pride!!


I bless you, emotions you are my lead,

Oh let me just feel you… is a Mystiic plead!!


You touch upon the hurt with TLC,

I am alive… you are proof, I am what I see!!


Romancing you… I learnt more of ME…

Romancing you… I learnt how to BE!!


Emotions will come and go as they please,

Gratitude gives them healthy release!!


Romancing Emotions… is the common clue,

Romancing now… is to live a new you!



2 thoughts on “Romancing Emotions

  1. An amazing write…i felt your heart and spirit in every word! So very beautiful!

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