Moody Mystiic : Doubt

Doubts have been raising their hands and asking for answers!! I didn’t realise, I had so many doubts!!

When I began dealing with them… I was pretty awestruck by their very elementary want to be counted… nothing more… nothing less. The ONLY craving for every doubt is to be recognized and acknowledged.

We hide away from our doubts… till they become cancerous… and that is what is truly horrifying… Accepting I had doubts, was the surest way to begin, releasing the “fear”, “anxiety”, “restlessness” and a host of other doubt buddies who are part of the package!!

Doubts can be beautiful, if we stop ignoring them!! The power of a doubt, opens up possibilities… perspectives. Doubts can’t be all that bad… when we acknowledge them. Winking smile

In my experience, my doubts give me a reason to take a step forward… in acknowledging them… I can allow another perspective to be born… another experience lived.

One our greatest doubts is “self doubt” as is for many of us!! Doubts stop us taking the ONE step we need to take to begin forever. When we doubt our own motives behind actions. Our ability to doubt ourselves is a beating down of taking a wrong decision in the past in a similar circumstance… not to mention the oft reminders from those closest to us, who mean well Winking smile 

Self Doubt, when coupled with Gratitude… which means… the moment you are aware of the fact that you have a doubt, a good idea is to first, express gratitude for the awareness and then ask the WHY or WHEN of YOURSELF to find the point of origin of the doubt. Once you have found that… it is easier to understand the WHY of the Self Doubt in the present moment… and celebrate it.

In my personal experience, my self doubt, began from a time long ago… when I got punished in school… for something I didn’t do… after a point of many fingers pointing at me… I began to wonder, maybe I did do it… for the love of truth… in a state of amnesia!!! I still look back and wonder…. almost 20 years later!! Ha ha ha…  even now, when someone points a finger at me… well… I actually pause for a while… to ask myself… if the accusation is true!!

When I decided, to quit my job to start my own company, two years ago… nothing really happened… for almost 6 months… everyone tried convincing me… it was time to go back to a regular job… I got some fantastic job offers too! I almost… gave up on my dream… I heard too many people say… “Running a business isn’t what you can do”… not because they didn’t think I had the capability… it was about the “Big Bad World of bribing your way up”… I am glad for Gratitude took me under it’s powerful wings… and I was able to convert my deepest moment of self doubt… into one of the greatest victories!!

I have always been very lucky… and I am tremendously grateful for always having a pretty loud inner voice… that can almost drown a gunshot… that decides to swish past my ear Winking smile 

Not everyone is as lucky as I am… then again… it is easy… a little Gratitude is all it takes Winking smile



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