Moody Mystiic: I’m-prompt-u

I have been missing my writing time, right here! A conscious decision, not to allow the energy that draws me here to get too addictive… I’ve been on since the 5th of march… and richer in the experience of blogging Smile Before, I made this space my own, blogging was about, writing and allowing the energy to do the rest of the work… Here I experienced a fantastic coming together of pure energy… It is almost like, I began skipping, “Hobby Time” to come here and write, share in the energy of other writers… find a completely new space to rejuvenate.

I learnt something important about myself, I so totally enjoy expanding my own energy and sharing!! When I read posts, I can feel the writer’s intent… I am lucky to have met in the vibrational wow of being Mystiic… 3 very gifted writers… I look forward to reading their posts… and yes, I do feel most blessed to have them energise my posts… Mystiic Love to you:

  • I love how you share so beautifully of yourself… empowered!! I feel so connected to you… you bring meaning to Mystiic… you are my extended family here on wordpress!! It is a pleasure to have had the opportunity to begin to know you. I am blessed I am… to have a friend in you Smile
  • bless you Wendell… Smile Love your poetry… Love my first nomination on wordpress… For those of you who I didn’t share this with.. here’s the post in which I was nominated… winner or not… I love the excitement of being nominated… I just realised, that the blog address is wrong… ha ha ha… then again… Wendell shared the nomination with me… I was so excited… I didn’t know how to react… thank you again!! Wendell’s comments are always in the pure stream of love… ever encouraging.
  • sanora… well… we’re just connected metaphysically!! It is always a very spiritual sharing, something so wonderful to feel blessed with… most often… finding a sentence/thought… that strikes me as channeled through Sanora for my own understanding and spiritual growth!!

Another very important friend… when I joined wordpress is the Weekly Photo challenge on the Dailypost… it made me realise, that even though I am an amateur… the challenge makes me “click” Winking smile I was always in awe of my photographer friends… yet, courtesy of the weekly photo challenge… I have learnt to love taking pictures… or better still noticing some of the pictures I’ve taken before through the eyes of other photographers… I guess, Mystiic, loves dabbling with pictures!! Not to miss the power of “postaday” tag… I learnt to use early… both to read what others are writing about… and  allowing others to read what I have written!

The most exciting part… well… Zemanta… just makes the edit more fun, teaching how to find related articles… and more authors who have a similar thought line… don’t know, how may of us actually take out time to read… the related articles!! Then again… there is always a brilliant co-incidence… how the many thoughts of bloggers find their way to each other.

I recognised, why I chose to be Mystiic… I realised, that my love for writing… had to find a love for those who read it… not too sure how long I’ll leave my other blogs out of wordpress… for now… I’m-Prompt-U… I will continue to allow new perspectives to speak for themselves… and Mystiic to be but the channel that shares… learning to love!!


16 thoughts on “Moody Mystiic: I’m-prompt-u

  1. Thanks for the love! You are a winner and can share the award with others who you think are deserving because of what they give to you and the rest of us in our blog world that helps make, move, inspire, and just share noteworthy things! Thanks again! Much love to you always!

  2. Thank you Mystiic. I am honored that you call me a friend. I was reading your post and stunned to come across my blog name. I am humbled you say such kind things. I wish you so much happiness, may your love continue to shine even more brightly, to be shared with all of us who need IT so much. The world does need you. Bless you, my friend. ♥ ♥ I am sending you high-frequency, positive vibrations.

  3. Aww… love the vibrational wow of your intent!! I came here a stranger… and the three of you… made it feel like home… I guess… the reason why I am here is to have connected with YOU!! ((hugs)) My instinct tells me there is much to be explored… mysteriously.. mystiically… and you’ll make it possible!! Much love my darling… keep the positive vibrations coming… am lovin em :))

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