Reading between the name: Jesus

The Secret of all ages… is in the VIBRATION of the name “JESUS”

“G’s US” or “G.E.E’s US” … that Gratitude is the best TEACHER ever!! That Gratitude is in the vibration of a thought… not in the projection of it.

“Gratitude is US”… Jesus!! For, me, all I have to do is take his name… and the VIBRATION of his name… REVEALS that which I must KNOW of GRATITUDE in that MOMENT!!   The vibration Jesus represents is the essence of pure gratitude… it’s all in the name… does have a deeper meaning. The vibration of the name of Jesus… so brilliant… that it is an EXPERIENCE in itself… D.E.E.P in vibration… the name of Jesus, itself has the abundance of creation…. the mystery of all time.

The vibration of the name of Jesus is the magic of all times… for in it is answer to an oft repeated question… “What’s in a name?” The meaning of his beautiful name… far deeper than the interpretations thus far, far more insightful than every book we’ve ever read… we can only imagine how blissful life can be when we understand the INTANGIBLE INFINITE wisdom of the ages… that has been presented to us in the JIG SAW of thoughts we receive when we begin to ALLOW the HOLY SPIRIT to REVEAL to us … that which… in our REALITY we already KNOW!! For we come from the same ONE source that created ALL THAT IS!!

Gratitude gives us the ALTITUDE we need to get a glimpse into the fascinating realm of KNOWING how perfectly “co-inspired” creation really is… Jesus speaks through us today… in accordance to our ASKING of him… delivered to us through the HOLY SPIRIT the all KNOWING sub-conscious… waiting for our CHOICE to channel this KNOWLEDGE to our CONSCIOUS KNOWING!!

The meaning of Jesus in my life has evolved over the years… and it’s impressive how… his place in my life has continued to expand into an understanding that is immensely radiating through my life… and in KNOWING that… makes it so much easier to begin to decipher the codeWinking smilementally… that life may continue to REVEAL to me… and through me!

Last week… the PRESENT CONTINUOS tense… revealed another secret Winking smile … we use soooooooooo many words in our vocabulary that end in “ING” … Loving, Giving, Living, Being, Having, Hating, Knowing, Writing, Eating, Meaning, Discriminating, Debating, Walking, Talking, Laughing, Gossiping, meeting, praying…. well I am sure, you’ve just gone into your own personal vocabulary to create your own personal list too Winking smile.

Here’s a secret… I received… ING words… no matter what the meaning of the word we prefix… is a REMINDER to stay “in Gratitude”…

When writing about Jesus, there is a child-like excitement, so many memories begin to flood my joy… brings a smile to my heart… to only begin to understand how powerful a presence he’s been in  my life… revealing to me… the HOW, NOW that I may share it… that this KNOWING maybe revealed to you too!!

I learnt along the way, that Jesus is a RELATIONSHIP experience with ALL THAT IS life has to offer!! Any THOUGHT I surrender to him… returns with the ANSWER… an experience from his life… that I can learn from.

When I find my self WANTING… I realise… that I already have it in HIM and THROUGH him it manifests as I CHOOSE to see it!! I realised, that through my relationship with him… everything truly begins to look feel and BE like him… guiding a new perspective.

Jesus hasn’t ever… in my relationship with him… TOLD ME WHAT TO DO… HE just reveals to me… two perspectives from which I am free to choose… and as I learnt from him, I now give myself the CHOICE to live in his vibration… of Gratitude… and in staying connected through Gratitude… I’ve learned how to LET GO… Knowing.

Jesus, has showed me… in his own special way… how BLESSED my life is… with Gratitude!! His life helped me understand, how each LiFE EVENT… has shaped the person I am… in looking back… I am overwhelmed… awestruck at the WHY’s of those times that have now become my testimony!!

Jesus’ life represents ALL THAT IS possible… Everything you can dream of he’s already DONE or been through… the magic is in finding your own PERSONAL interpretation of your own life… The person of Jesus is the COMMON MAN… the COMMON LIFE… and all about COMMON SENSE responses that he drew into his COMMON CONVERSATION!!

“Gratitude is US”… is a LIFE TIME legacy that he leaves back… to remind us… of HIMSELF through us… He came that Gratitude may evolve through him… and in creating our own personal experience of him… radiate through us too!!

I choose to wish you a Gratitude Experience that will change your life forever… just like it has for me! May the Gratitude within you find expression and radiance through your own special perspective… and live through you as you share it with others!!

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!!


4 thoughts on “Reading between the name: Jesus

  1. Awesome post Mystic. So much joyful energy in it. At this time in Earths history none of us should hold back those things which we agreed to convey, prior to our incarnation here. Some of us are just a little slower than others at getting off the starting blocks. You however seem to be hitting your stride. Good for you.
    Thank you.

  2. 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed this special information… sometimes… we’re oblivious to the obvious… and the deeper the revealing, life… is but a journey to Re-Member with what we once knew.
    Blessed to have a friend like you… God Bless… Much Gratitude to you :))

  3. I enjoyed this conversation very much! You know how i feel when it comes to Jesus! But you have described it in a much better way than i ever could through one of my poems. But one thing we do have in “common”, is our shared gratitude and “common” approach that we use…a true spiritual gift! You always inspire me with new thoughts to dance inside my mind!
    Thanks again!

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