Weekly Photo Challenge : Sun

Weekly Photo Challenge : Sun

It is such an amazing subject… really… the sun, flirts with the lens… getting to click… click… click!!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Sun

    • 🙂 I am beginning to like clicking pictures!! Wasn’t much of a photographer… till the Weekly Challenge! 😉 Looks like a new hobby is bubbling to express!! 🙂

      • God’s intention my dear. That is what I think anyway. Go with it. I can’t stop thinking about my belief in God lately, and what a difference it’s making. I’m such a beginner, not sure where to start writing about it. By the way, I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY. I always look forward to your new pictures.

      • God is such a phenomenal friend… he just makes it all look so easy!! 🙂 Really… you do love photography… the till weekly challenge.. I only loved to be Photographed 😉 ha ha ah

      • ♥ I love to do portraits of people. I enjoy bringing out someone’s beauty, the beauty they don’t they possess.

      • Oh WoW!! That is an ART!! Most people don’t even realise the beauty they radiate… without the effort of trying to please!! Lucky are those who inspire you to invite them to their own inner beauty!! :))

      • That’s just it. They don’t. They think some negative thing about themselves, but there is ALWAYS beauty. Especially when you get people laughing. The sun shines OUT. 🙂 Thank you for such a nice comment. XO

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