Poetic Mystiic : YOU

… Yes YOU!!

You are created in the image and likeness of God, that is, all that is true.

All creation is complete, in you and through you.

Every desire of your heart is a thing in the making.

Every doubt that you include, stretches the time it is taking.

You ask, with every thought, the intent is the key.

The reality you live, is the intent’s identity.

So, know that you’re creating YOU are the master indeed.

YOU are the creator, in thought, word and deed.

To know this is power… so be AWARE of your THOUGHT.

It’s manifesting, right now, whether you realise it or not.

Make a promise to yourself, to keep a tab on your thoughts everyday.

Keep them happy and positive and self loving, I pray.

Even though, you may feel that the “thought flow” is stressing.

Remind yourself once again… you are the miracle, you are the blessing.

We all have our lessons to learn as we live.

Learn it with gratitude, be quick to forgive.

For nothing is more important than your own inner knowing.

Keep steady in Gratitude… let goodness keep flowing.

Remember to Re-Member with YOU, through the many YOU’s you’ll meet.

You are God’s miracle… YOU are PERFECT, WHOLE and COMPLETE!!



P.S. Just feeling pretty poetic today… I guess I’ve been inspired by a lot of poetry coming up on the Reader!! Feels good though… I hope you like it. Haven’t edited… just don’t think, I’d get down to posting it, if I started comparing it to some brilliant poetry I’ve been reading all day today!! I am wondering, really if dabbling with being a poet… could be something I may want to try more often… I wonder if I should!!

btw… Thank you Wendell (http://foreverpoetic.wordpress.com/) for the inspiration to get a little poetic!! You work is so brilliant, I’m wondering if I should even post this… then again… how would I ever know if I can… if I don’t RISK getting rejected Winking smile

Love and Light: Mystiic Smile



2 thoughts on “Poetic Mystiic : YOU

  1. Your poem is inspiring and I can feel the love you have in your heart coming right through. XO ♥

  2. Aww.. hugs!! Just got all poetic while writing yesterday… 😉 I didn’t know I could… till I read it again just now!! Lotsa love to ya

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