Loop Song of the day : if i let YOU go

I’ve got this song… playing full volume today… on loop!! Ha ha ha!!
… so many thoughts… each time, a different one… from wants, needs, desires, dreams, fears, fantasies, finances, feelings, people, movie scenes… and you know what… it just feels brilliant today… to be alive and smiling!!

This song inspires… so much gratitude for everything that has stayed long enough to learn from it!! Everything that taught me well… and moved away!! For the things I held on to long enough to understand that they taught me so much…

Sometimes.. it takes a song… to speak the language of INSPIRED L.O.V.E… If only YOU could feel the energy I am feeling right now… You’d feel what Angels must feel like, especially the ones attached to our lives… to love, to protect, to guide!!

This state… of being… must be… what people call BLISS!!


4 thoughts on “Loop Song of the day : if i let YOU go

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