Reading between the words: “Letting Go”

There are times to hold back and times to let go!! YOU are a child of God, created in HIS own image and likeness!
God only gives us what he knows will challenge us to CLAIM our rightful place as his children... All he asks of us is to TURN to him!!
Why not turn to him NOW, like we once turned to our parents on earth as children!! We will always be children of God... Our human years won't come between our relationship with HIM!!
Let Go... NOW... have a quick chat... God is waiting!! He loves you too much... and he wants you to know that!!


5 thoughts on “Reading between the words: “Letting Go”

    • I really do smile… each time you leave a comment on my posts!! Thank you for finding new words each time… you make me smile… Thank YOU 🙂

  1. Great post. We are not in control. Just hang on for the Intention that has been created for you. I do not believe we are ever given more than we can handle. ♥

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