Reading between the word : Complete!

Complete… a beautiful way to begin to understand how creation really works!! I have often found… that the word complete… is a DIFFICULT word to use!! It takes away CONFIDENCE… and introduces… a list pending “actions” into our awareness!! And… the list… has an agenda, to keep you busy… feeling like you “have to do” so much… all it really does, is keep you away from the KNOWING that you ARE ALREADY COMPLETE… by the very truth that you’re born!!

I now, share with you another beautiful piece on COMPLETE!! I have begun, using it myself, with some fantastic results!! Give it a read… maybe… in this sharing… my own reading of it and practicing… is NOW complete!!


We seek, we find and in finding we are COMPLETE!! When we are COMPLETE, we find that which we seek!

We wake up more aware of that which we “need to do” and oh the list is endless, we go about the motions of a day, still having a long list to complete… thoughts to fight… actions to justify… chores… more chores… till we lay back in bed… too tired to dream… too worried about tomorrow to sleep peacefully enough… and if …all is well… we begin to feel restless again… looking through the day in our minds… wondering if we have indeed forgotten something important… we get a feeling we have… and continue to fill in the blank space… with ANOTHER THING TO DO Winking smile

Our greatest learning is, in the middle of a TWISTER, life throws at us! For the vibration of the words WE choose, truly begin to make sense… that is… if we’re willing to test their theories, their promises in the valley of doubt… too hard yet essential. The Grand revealing…  a sneak peak at the “COMPLETE”.

Created for you, by you and through you that the vibrational world maybe RE-Discovered, for in CREATION… ALL THAT IS… IS COMPLETE by definition that it IS CREATED!!

Testing COMPLETE is an experience, we don’t often try till we are CERTAIN Winking smile Guess, that is the choice we make… to seek a GOOD FEELING from our CHECKLIST Smilebeing ticked… therefore… COMPLETE!!

Then again, if you already checked off everything, the new identification… WHAT NEEDS to get DONE… if all is ALREADY DONE… which begins a new CHECKLIST… ha ha ha… and a checklist, keeps us GOING till we’re totally exhausted… till our mind is saturated… till our vision turns weak… and we’re too weak to even take another step… our bodies… then STOP functioning… making us STOP to CREATE AGAIN!! Yet, unless we do something drastically different… life seems to REPEAT itself, quite endlessly, offering another CHANCE to CHOOSE again… till we find the CHOICE that IS COMPLETE!!

We all seek COMPLETION… if that be the END… therefore, the inner need to constantly COMPLETE… and born of the NEED to COMPLETE… we COMPETE, COMPLIMENT, COMPARE, COMPUTE, COMPLICATE, COMPLY, COMPREHEND, COMPOSE, COMMIT and COMPLETELY lose the essence of STILLNESS long enough to KNOW that we ARE.

Why COMPLICATE COMPLETE Winking smileLet’s just give it it’s RIGHT place in CREATION… for ALL THAT IS… IS COMPLETE!!

So, here’s a toast to COMPLETE…


In my acknowledging my own COMPLETEness… I acknowledge CREATION within me and so, I can see you as COMPLETE…

I allow the vibration of COMPLETEness to radiate through me that I may see ALL THAT IS… as  COMPLETE.

As it was in the beginning of CREATION is NOW  COMPLETE and EVER SHALL BE… COMPLETE without END!!




3 thoughts on “Reading between the word : Complete!

  1. I hear you (I think),…yes I am in total agreement that we are not lacking in completeness, and yet I keep wondering if the creator must create,…then how complete is he? In my personal opinion, God does nothing without intent, and if he sees fit to continually create, then change must have some merit for him, and for us also. I wonder if the real question is not “is creation a completed work?” If it is, then all things are occurring within a completed reality (who happens to be GOD) If creation is an ongoing work, expanding out into infinity, then there is no such reality as completeness, only “relative completeness.” All of us are a work in progress I guess, and I sometimes loose sit of that.

    • In my understanding… the HOW of where it started lies in the powerful verse of Genesis 1:27: ‘
      So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created. ” The Creator, thus, created of himself, like himself… with the free will!! This free will, in my understanding was made “Free” at the Garden of Eden… when Man made his first choice to exercise the free will to take a decision based on his own, of his own. That one action, opened up, what we call MAN MADE reality… born of the wants, needs, thoughts and actions of the creator energy we come from. God, who gave his creation free will, therefore must ALLOW the free will he has given to BE!! Our being of the same source… thus keeps us continually creating, just like the CREATOR, by THOUGHT!! Every thought, every intention has the same creative energy!! Which is why, even in COMPLETENESS, which we our, our thoughts, energy in motion, continues to create… that which we call our human reality. Which is why, we’re asked to always stay vigilant to our thoughts… for every thought, has COMPLETEness of CREATION to become a THING!

      Thank you for a response that moved my senses to a deeper understanding… As I read the reply, I realise, it comes not from me… but from a deeper understanding channeling through me. I have you to thank for it!!

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