Princess Diaries: 17th April 2012

Ah! I did need this moment to consolidate my lesson of this month, so far, it’s been a Tsunami… of ‘Feeling & Knowing”!! If my lesson was “self love”, my challenge has been the many aspects presented to me… to read, to learn and to love… more balanced in my opinion!

As I write this post… a lot of the posts I’ve been blessed to read flash through my mind, as I read these posts, I my feeling continued to change… I felt deep release of my own angst, found how I was drawn to some content and yet others left me wordless and sad! So many emotions, I am grateful that I am aware of these feelings, that I can heal while I read, not only my own thoughts but the vibrational lives of the authors too! I know it is a gift… I accept it and cherish it! The fact that I do KNOW this, makes it easy to neutralise the energy exchange without allowing it into my own emotional experience. It becomes easier to extend a loving and healing thought… and returning to a place of gratitude within for the lesson, understood from the interaction.

My thoughts and questions though reach out to the many who exchange energies without truly understanding that an energy exchange has taken place!! Isn’t it true that it is a must to be AWARE of your own FEELINGS, to be able to find true healing? I am reminded again… to learn… from each source for all come from the same creator. Then again… going back to LIFE SCHOOL after a practical experience of 35 years… well… I want to take away the politeness and shake some people back to pay attention to their words… for their words are being manifested into their lives!!

I had an experience, outside of this space this week, when I felt a pressure feeling from someone I was interacting with… and because I did understand in that moment, that the intent of the person was to JUDGE, I backed off… allowing the feeling to heal… using the powerful method of gratitude… in another time… I would’ve been waging war of words… so futile… that I’d be left too tired to have noticed the intent!! Thank you for the prompt!

Self Love, well, I had to unlearn it… to learn it the way it is now intended it for me. I understood that self love isn’t about the ‘I” I am, it is about truly beginning to see the common I am, we all really are…

Self Love truly means feeling the creator energy in all that we are, all that we do and all whom we interact with. Self Love is about healing the feeling and bringing it back to a deeper gratitude!! My whole concept of Self Love changed… when I saw myself reflected in the many lives I interacted with… some part of me was everywhere, everyone… it is amazing how, connected we all are in the truth of being created by one source!

I learnt that self love meant more than just accepting the I , I identify with, to learn to accept each individual as a mirror reflection of the I… looking for a new way to feel about the self.

I learnt that when I channel angels, the communication I receive, is in accordance to the asking of my intent. Not everyone who channels is aware of the energy that is present as part of the channeling. I learnt to “feel and know” the words that come from healing and the words that come from the ego’s need to validate! That when angels communicate… the words and the feelings are special… YOU cannot help but smile and feel refreshed and blessed by the communication.

As Self Love expands its domain and understanding, I am beginning to feel a certain excitement… that this is only half a month’s work yet… I am looking forward to a deeper lesson, learning and sharing of Self Love… divinely guided!


When we know what we’re feeling, it is easier to pay attention to the intent from which a thought is born. KNOWING will tell you that it is the INTENT which manifests into our lives… the CONTENT is only a projection.

Take time, to THINK of what is manifesting in your life… you are receiving of your deepest INTENT… Pay ATTENTION!!

I feel so much lighter already… consolidating a lesson, is so important… helps in understanding where you are at in the Royal Lesson!! There is much I still want to share, yet, it is time to pay attention to my drooping eyes…

A princess, isn’t complete without training… in my case it is an exercise to RE-MEMBER what I once promised my Father… to always be ready to do HIS work!!



2 thoughts on “Princess Diaries: 17th April 2012

  1. Your energy was wonderful. I like your writing, it leaves people with a feeling of increase, instead of diminishment (is that a word?) I once made the acquaintance of someone named Dee, I wonder,,,,,, naw,… couldn’t be.

    • Now that is an uplifting, reason to continue writing 🙂 The intent while I write is to allow the thoughts to flow, sometimes, with my conscious consent… at other times… it’s just the pure joy of wanting to pour out, what I’ve been blessed to begin to understand, about myself and ALL THAT IS!! Well, if diminishment wasn’t a word, it now is 🙂
      Who is Dee??

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