Reading between the words: F.E.A.R

Fear can be a fascinating word, if you choose the creator point of view!! If God allowed the word into our vocabulary… the intent must be for you to evolve through it. For there is nothing created that does not have a purpose.

For you to change HOW you feel when you use a particular word, YOU must create a brand new meaning, that creates a positive feeling, when the word is used. Every word, therefore, no matter how strongly negative it may sound, must have a meaning that can move you from a point of weakness to a point of strength!!

Fear, has always been my friend, inspired me to stay curious, try new things, walk the talk and more often than not, I have been surprised by the brilliance of overcoming hurdles. The fact, that FEAR was a friend, I never felt fear as separate. Fear made me take on challenges, that, in retrospect have given me the confidence I needed to live by instinct. I still fear a lot of things… with a difference… I know, that when the time is right, these things too shall pass. My fears keep a tab on my “things to do before I die” list! I had to find a new way to look and deal with fear without giving fear the power!! 

So, I decided F.E.A.R must be a reminder… to take ONE more step forward and face, whatever it is!! For if everything does have a purpose… the purpose must be born from L.O.V.E… the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expansion!! So, I decided to wrap and warp what fear had once meant and decided to gift myself a new F.E.A.R!!

So, here is my gift to me… I now share with you!! Each time, you hear of fear or feel it. Each time you speak of your fear or conceal it… Remember to Re-Member with L.O.V.E to know… that all that fear is… is


So, when you have a F.E.A.R that is pushing you back!! Give yourself a break… cut yourself some slack! How you live is manifested by what you feel… so know that you fear is simply… False.Evidence.Appearing.Real!!


8 thoughts on “Reading between the words: F.E.A.R

  1. A true bit of wisdom! Fear has always been to me a new challenge and a hurdle to overcome or move around usually it resulted in more self improvement and a more powerful faith and strong belief that i can overcome all things. Example, i was diagnosed with MS in december instead of fear and dread being my enemies, i embrace them and turned them into my friends, so i can still push forward! Thanks for sharing!

    • Wendell, I am sure, with your love for poetry and phenomenal way with words and feelings… fear and dread, would’ve wanted you to romance them!!
      In the presence of faith… all else is powerless!!

      Each time, I face a new fear… I quickly turn to Psalm 91… and read it till the fear subsides 😉 (my little secret) 🙂

  2. Checking out all the Zemanta links… I realised something special… “False Evidence Appearing Real”… a term I coined 6 years ago… it has come full circle… and my deepest gratitude for the entire chain… that made it possible!!
    God does work in mysterious ways… and am grateful to have found it so!!

  3. Reblogged this on Mystiic and commented:
    Someone is asking for help… to resolve their fears… and here is a repost… may YOU find a way through your fear… and see the true VICTORY of HEAVEN… YOU

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