Moody Mystiic: Life changes at the speed of Gratitude!

It has always been special to find Gratitude in every situation… the proverbial… “Silver Lining” on every grey cloud!! Though it isn’t as easy as it sounds… my faith in Gratitude has been challenged often by CIRCUMSTANCES!!

Going back on the last 48 hours… I am drawn to a deeper sense of Gratitude… that is beyond the name that I am!! When I began blogging as “Mystiic”, I was looking for a space that bridged the gap between “human being” and “being human”. Which there is a very fine line between… since, one feeds on the other to sustain.

A human being is WHO YOU ARE, the name, the title, the professional, the citizen, the family…. the face! The needs are basic, approval, motivation, inspiration, aspiration, attention and validation. For YOU must want to be counted and accounted for!!

Being Human, is what we all desire to be… to reach beyond the “I” of the human being, to the “we” of being human!! To move from the place of WHO YOU ARE to WHO YOU WE ARE in accordance to creation “PERFECT WHOLE and COMPLETE” (As affirmed in Louise Hay’s phenomenal book “YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE”). The need here is spiritual… to approve, motivate, inspire, aspire, pay attention forward and validate… the WE.

I asked of the Creator, to give me a sign, that the work he channels through “Mystiic” is heading in the direction of the intent… the deeper craving to extend beyond the “I”, I am and the “WE” that being Mystiic is all about!! It’s more like a “review” with the Creator Winking smile (… with Mystiic, it is allowing the “I” to be, but a CHANNEL of COMMUNICATION)

Here is HOW I got my answers… the 10 angels who touched my virtual life and expanded my being “Mystiic”… at the speed of Gratitude!

1) My WordPress Stats page, a jump from 108 views … numerically speaking… 9 =completion.

2) My first comment on my about page… thank you Wendell!!

3) L.O.V.E  and “Reverse Gratitude” being reblogged, Gratitude to the angels that shared the post… I don’t know how to get the links to the reblog Sad smile I guess I will find a way… so as to acknowledge the authors right here!! I just want you to KNOW that I am so grateful to you for being my wings!!

4) I realised, God’s work… my true calling here… is to read the words that read animated to me when I read other bloggers entries. It is a phenomenal experience, to be able to reach the “author’s intent” when reading a post… it is then, easier to comment with a genuine sense of WOW!! For not all the text is meant to touch you… just the key message!! Then again there is poetry… that speaks of ONE THOUGHT… through many words… God Bless the flow!!

5) Sometimes… a post… invites a brand new… THOUGHT… that takes time to find words to express it… it is OK to wait and let the thought find words!! Zemanta… what a brilliant way to extend the thought thought the many bloggers who have the same THOUGHT… expressed in words that are different from mine.

6) We can learn from our own responses to other bloggers… sometimes, when commenting on another blogger’s post… a deep revealing is administered… a new thought, that you want to carry forward it your own post… like this one…

Here’s my take… we’ve been given to understand that TWO separate identities exist… which… when you see the life of Jesus… is proven wrong. What exists is merely the choice… the path of HEAVEN or HUMAN reaction.
Jesus, truly understood, that Heaven’s purpose is served through the human form and that is ALL THAT THERE IS to being human. The choices we make… come from our KNOWING… the difference.
I guess, that is why he KNOWS and confidently claims HEAVEN… for he made a choice… and stood by it
What an amazing example to learn to live like… Jesus!!

My response to

7) There are blogs, I do want to respond to and help!! Yet, each time I read a post… I am moved to silence… the need to just send a positive healing forward and allow the next post I read to begin radiating the healing… knowing that the INTENT for healing is more powerful way to reach out!!

You are an inspired soul… each of your posts is a step forward! Keep walking, you may want to try “reverse gratitude”, for the content you share today, with the powerful intent of healing… would have never found expression if you hadn’t made a very strong inner intent to HEAL YOURSELF!! God Bless you… each of your ALTERS heal… with expression!!  Love, Mystiic

… the author of

8) My Gratitude for some truly inspired channelings from angels… I guess, Archangels Michael & Gabriel… have always been very inspiring… have received much of my life altering content from them… through many sources…  here’s what I read just recently… that moved me to save it… for one of my posts…

Be the Gods and Goddesses, the Kings and Queens you all are. Know that you are special, but no more so than any other. Use your power wisely and rule yourself with a feather, not a whip. Be wise, be compassionate, be understanding when another asks you a question that may seem mundane or trivial to you. Kindness that was shown to you, show to others. Judge not lest you are prepared to judge yourself for it later. Reach out to all of us when you feel the need to, but know that the best guidance you need or seek, is to be found within or close at hand through the Spirit Guides you chose for yourself. I can, we can, answer your questions but we ask you to remember, we speak in God Code as well. Till next time I would like to thank David for taking the time out of his busy schedule with God to share this with you.

Pasted from <>

9) I am grateful for my family and friends… with whom I haven’t shared this blog Winking smileI love them to bits, yet, my need for their approval, has often left me… wanting to write what I think will please them. Them not knowing about this blog…  has finally allowed me to break the pattern of “needing approval” to “expressing approval”! Love how the flow of content has changed… and the powerful NOW is revealed to me… through the many lives I now share with and through Mystiic!!

10) My gratitude for this moment now… as I read this post… once before sharing it.. I’d like to share but one more practice… To keep track on content… I created a Office OneNote page… that helps me quickly paste content that I am drawn to… from other bloggers posts… so I can use them in my posts… try it!! Each time I go to the one note space… I feel really good!! To have a chance to share the thoughts and sentences that touched my life… with YOU too!!

I hope YOU loved reading this just as much as I have loved sharing this with you!!

Stay Blessed Stay Thinking Stay Thanking Stay Manifesting… at the speed of Gratitude!! :Mystiic


19 thoughts on “Moody Mystiic: Life changes at the speed of Gratitude!

  1. Positive energy vibrates faster. 🙂 I love this post. Intention is God. God is intention. ♥

    • Thank you!!! 🙂 I had a feeling that you would be the first to read it!! don’t know HOW.. yet I am super glad I was right!!
      was watching “Supernatural” today!! One of the dialogues about Dean… reminded me of US!! Apparently… he too had “Daddy Issues”!! Couldn’t help but THANK…
      I guess… people with Daddy Issues are special… we get to claim “Our Father in Heaven” wholly and refer to our Earth Daddy’s as “Bio-Dad”… suddenly… the old saddness changes and LOVE just flows right through!! 🙂

      • Intention, that’s how! 🙂 God!

        Yes, finding God who intends everything, feeling connected to everything and everyone, there is no difference, you are right, LOVE does flow through. But God is love. Love is God. They are all part of intention. God intends for us to love. He wants nothing at all besides that. ♥

        Daddy issues, yes. I relate to that. But what better father than God who INTENDED to make all of us? 🙂

      • ((hugs)) to ya :)) May the force that brought us together continue to radiate through us!!!

      • Amen. Truly. Amen. We are sisters, all of us beautiful women need to be there, ALWAYS for each other.

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