Have you ever tried “Reverse Gratitude”? Try it now!!

We often miss out on the “why” of a life incident by judging it too soon! Sometimes, it is a gift, left to be opened as mature adults with a brand new perspective Winking smile The power of Gratitude has a way to reverse the effects, if we choose to want to stop hurting. Gratitude, is universal, it does not understand WRONG, its only purpose is to REVEAL the WHY, that you may release the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE , HOW and WHO  of HISTORY that  has kept you HURTING, knowingly or unknowingly. It is true, that most of us are UNAWARE of “WHY” we’re still hurting, only and only because, we’ve held the PAST too long to remember… that we’ve yet to RELEASE it!! I chose a new way forward… with phenomenal results… I NOW live in the NOW… happy that NO MATTER WHAT happened in the PAST… I learnt from it… to be the person I am today! I learnt and I let go… of the pain… NOT the memory! The memory NOW a GIFT, that made me ME!!

Today I share with you another absolutely fantastic piece of work from DeePositive. It is a simple and brilliant method to look back armed with L.O.V.E!!

The Co-Inspired Life: “Reverse Gratitude”

I had a very high vibration experience, with what I now choose to call “Reverse Gratitude” on three different occasions in the last couple of weeks. The sense of balancing life’s events that once were painful memories… that I have decided that I can now share it with YOU.

How, every incident/Occurrence in our lives is meant for a purpose, to teach us something. More often than not… if we haven’t reached the lesson, acknowledged and accepted the purpose the incident was meant to serve… we continue hurting. And we all don’t really want to hurt.. now… or in the future!! Do we?

Then again, to be able to acknowledge it, we must bring to our awareness the truth of the WHY of the event. The truth, can only be revealed when we accept it as an event in which we can find a reason to be grateful for the occurrence. Some memories, have multiple WHY’s… each WHY a lesson!! So, while I prepare a whole technique, which you will be able to read in “The Co-Inspired Life”, my second book!! Here’s a pilot… to help you help me by Co-Inspiring the COMPLETE “Reverse Gratitude” module!!

Here’s how to begin the process

1) Do this when you have 21 minutes of YOU time OR you have a partner you can do this with, sharing with someone, can bring up even more powerful memories of Gratitude!

2) Think about a which area of your life you would like to heal the past  of to create a brand new experience NOW:

a) Relationships b) Profession c) Social d) Family e) Finances f) Personal etc..

3) Now find one THOUGHT that makes you feel a sense of gratitude. Let’s take RELATIONSHIPS… You could choose one particular relationship… or a community relationship. Even if the memories hurt… and they will… find ONE MEMORY from all of them that does make you smile. Just ONE Winking smile


4) Now begin to trace backwards… all the events that led to this MOMENT of Gratitude!!

a) who introduced you… there maybe multiple sources… through whom you met!! Express your Gratitude to those people… events… memories.

5) How did you meet those people… who introduced you?? go back… to that moment… you’ll find it amusing that your memories… will take you places Winking smile People, events, moments…  that will make you smile.

6) As you continue to “thank in reverse order” you will realise, that some of the events you ONCE found painful to remember… are really the KEY events that you did not connect with as part of your gratitude.

7) Keep asking yourself questions as you float backwards with Gratitude. Here are some that can help you dig deeper :

a) What was happening in that memory? and thank for it.

b) Who was in this memory with me? and be grateful for them.

c) How did I get to this particular memory? what happened that led to this particular event? and be grateful for the trigger!!!

To cut the story short… so that you can begin your own “REVERSE GRATITUDE” …. here’s what I am most Grateful for RIGHT NOW in my life….

If my parents hadn’t SEPARATED when I was 5… I wouldn’t have been here… sharing this phenomenal technique with you Open-mouthed smile

Here’s wishing you HEALING and LOVE… think and thank… the past has a purpose… and your NOW is WITNESS of it!!

A special mention of Gratitude to a fellow blogger… who’s post… and our sharing… prompted this reblog… Thank you  Zen and the Art of Borderline Maintenance for her wonderful sharing in Dear Bio-Dad… You are forgiven. Another Thank you here is a must to The Truth Warrior for the wonderful post True Living!!

I must now… leave you to create your own… Completion of “Reverse Gratitude” … that we may continue to find new perspectives that Co-Inspire… to bring us to the powerful NOW we live!!

Gratitude to ALL THA T IS for ALL THAT IS!!


19 thoughts on “Have you ever tried “Reverse Gratitude”? Try it now!!

  1. Thank you for the mention! XO
    Your technique is spot on! I learned this as “chunking” in DBT class. 🙂
    Yes, everything event is meant to teach us something.

  2. Thanks for the post…a lot of my recent gratitude goes back to you sharing my poetry with so many others. It contains a big arm full of beautiful spiritual flowers to make you smile each day, while trying to give back some of the happiness that you imparted into my world! Your continuous love you give is Awesome. Its a great technique and exercise!

    • Bless you!! I read some of your poetry today, you write from the soul. Lucky is the subject to have expressed itself through you!! How I wish, that someday soon, you’d write a piece titled “Mystiic”… 🙂

  3. And hats off to mystic…i am always willing to learn new things…a very embracing technique!

    • All I can say is “Thank you” again!! You just made the technique feel special!! I learn everyday, from reading posts that inspire me to think… from instinct!! I hope you share it too… that we may inspire a world to move to a space of Gratitude!!

  4. Hey There. I discovered your blog using msn. That is a really neatly written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your helpful info. Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

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