Reading between words: N.U.D.G.E

A Nudge or a prompt is God’s way of reminding us to move to a place of AWARENESS within ourselves… that every moment… every breath has a purpose!! The core purpose of creating is “Gratitude” and only gratitude in the present moment can reveal the purpose of the present moment to YOU and through YOU!! 


So, each time, you feel out of place… KNOW… that you are being called to “Gratitude”. In Gratitude… lies the revealing of Creation.

In Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS!!


8 thoughts on “Reading between words: N.U.D.G.E

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  6. tHIS IS FANTASTIC. Right at the right time too. Forgive the lazy typing.
    Thanks, the message reached someone in need.

    • You are most welcome… always!!! It makes my heart Grateful soooooooo grateful to get comments like this!! God Bless!!! (((hugs)))

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