Was it just an earthquake… or a MESSAGE from GOD???

Today has been a very busy, glued to the television day!! The news of the Earthquake and then the Tsunami alert, I couldn’t really get my mind off the event. Yet, what was different this time, was a reassured, deeper knowing and a deep and intense message:

Nature is reminding us, in a beautiful way… that SOURCE is asking us to return to the knowing and confidence that we have already been counted for. We are all created in the image and likeness of the creator (Genesis 1:27). Then we must LEARN from each other, without judging the circumstance, we must look at the higher learning available to us through every “happening”.

Why does it take a natural disaster for us to truly come together as a people, to support and accept that we are one. Are we only called to be one in “pain”, “trails” and “tribulations” or… are these but the triggers… to remind us that we all are attacked… by an unseen chord… called “Feeling” or “Emotion”.

We all look for ways to support each other… our first thought is to pray for those who are in the afflicted areas. How often do we pray for others?? What we did today was to begin a Gratitude prayer intent on Facebook, to raise the positive vibrations to minimise the damage. ALL CREATION came together… positively raised as ONE… and what could’ve been a global disaster, was minimised. Just like us… there would’ve been soooooooooo many people across the globe, who prayed together, thanked together and raised the vibration… that even the ocean… calmed down. How amazing is the work of Gratitude!!

In a time of disaster, we forget all the little niggles and naggles of our everyday existence, we empathise and sympathise, we reach out to those whom we may know in those areas… we communicate more personally. The words we speak, are filled with powerful thoughts of healing. We positively project healing love into the areas of pain, that it may soothe.

In 2007, I graduated in a healing course, in which, we learned energy healing, at the time I remember, whenever we worked on cleansing rituals, we would be asked to remove the unclean energies from our bodies and the bodies of those with whom we were practicing healing work… and visualise sending these disposed energies into the ocean!! In a lot of meditative practices also, the ocean is the symbol of absorption of the the bad energies… the question that rises in my mind… :”What happens to those energies?” Are we not responsible then for the anger that we keep sending into nature, in the name of human healing. Should we not, instead choose to FORGIVE and release the anger with gratitude?

Gratitude in my understanding, is the most powerful creative tool. Gratitude is the shortest and surest way forward. Even a DISASTER… from the higher ground of gratitude… comes with a message of ONEness… the message is to find common ground and raise ourselves into the purity of the TRUTH of ONEness, where, all that has ever been created, is in creation and will ever be created… is joined by the one SOURCE that created it. In Gratitude, the lesson, that ALL THAT IS has a purpose… to help us to evolve into the truth of WHO WE REALLY ARE!! Co-Creators!!

There is a powerful source from which ALL THAT IS and ever shall be comes. This force… is mysterious in its ways and yet connects all that is created. It is the source that continues to bring us to our knees, in remembrance…

It is time NOW… to begin again… to THINK & Thank as ONE!!


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3 thoughts on “Was it just an earthquake… or a MESSAGE from GOD???

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