Dear Daddy…

I know I am a brat, more than that I know that you love me, just the way I am. I have a couple of special requests today… so please please, send all the forces you can to help me!!

1) I need to stay awake all day… so I sleep early tonight. I really do want to make “waking up early” a habit. You know, that if I have an early morning… I prefer staying up all night… instead of getting late 😉

2) Can you please send me help with my business plan… along with clients who will make it possible for me to actually reach the ambitious target we’ve set! 🙂 I will also need angel reinforcement in the form of teams to work on these projects… then again, the ideas have come from you… so I am sure you’ve already lined up the support we need.

3) We need a new home… You know that the landlord has asked us to move… and my guess is… this asking of his comes from the fact that I requested for a change of residence a couple of months back 😉 Can we please finalise our new house sooner… pretty please!!

4) I understand that you’re trying to teach me to be patient and wait!! Then again, I am your child… the 7th day is always the most I can wait to finish… so, please speed up the angels instead.. we’ve lots to do!! Please remind me often, like you do, through the angels to stay aligned to YOU by finding more ways to stay Grateful!!

5) You brought a little girl into my life to assist in her healing… thank you for the opportunity to help in the process of healing the sick… it is such a wonderful experience. I understand that her healing is complete… the smile in my heart is the affirmed truth that it is DONE!!

6) Daddy, please don’t forget, you promised me a life changing “date” with destiny… I know it will come in your time… then again… it’s been so long… maybe you’ve forgotten, so this is just a reminder.

7) Thank you for each person in the world today, may they feel the blessedness of being alive. And those whom you’ve called back to you… cheers to them… for they have achieved their earth purpose in accordance to your will.

Oh… and I think it’s a lovely idea to get me to creating this special category of posts, what used to be an email from me to you… will now be shared with so many… I am guessing, you’re channeling through me… to encourage others too to write to you too sharing of themselves freely with you, our loving Father. Even though, I am not sure if I should post this… I am going to post it anyway!!

Off to celebrate the day you’ve given me!! 🙂




P.S. Thank you already for the wonderful surprises you’ve lined up for me today to keep me grateful!! The first being… finding this draft on the dashboard!! Ha ha h… I thought I’d lost the post. I even went on to think… it wasn’t meant to be published!



3 thoughts on “Dear Daddy…

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