My Inspiration Today: Rain

Pitter Patter Raindrops… make me so happy! I love it when the rain just begins to fall… the dust settles down… the trees seem so happy… it’s “bath time” for them!!

The dust storm… the beginning… the wind signals to the dust… that the time is soon coming for it to settle down… to move from their places of hiding… to welcome the cleansing of the “Showers of blessing”.

As the little droplets… make their way to the ground… the fragrance of wet mud… raises up!! It’s an invitation to stand and watch the matchless glory of creation

I love the way the sky looks… ahhh… especially… when the sun rays peep out off and on from behind the dense grey clouds!!

The trees look a beautiful bright happy green… the breeze… makes it look like the trees are dancing in the pure bliss of acknowledging the happiness that the rain brings!!

The wind… well… flirts… with the trees, the leaves, the raindrops, the clothes hanging on the clothes line… I guess… the wind was being cool Winking smile 

It is amazing, how nature connects and celebrates together…

The lightning… the flash of heaven. Thunder… signaling the coming together of the clouds.

Off to have a hot cup of tea… and enjoy the night sky with Gratitude!!!


What was your first thought after reading the post???

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