Weekly Photo Challenge : Journey

SAM_0260Journey…  the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into the butterfly…. or the visual delight of the illusion of the sea meeting the sky.

The the infinite law of creation… the waves journey till the seashore. Our vision of the sea is a journey till the horizon. The journey of the sun is reflected in the sea… and yet in the middle of it all… the journey of the boat (human), made possible!!

Journey… a metamorphosis… from the doer to the observer!!

I took this picture on a reflective journey by the sea… my own metamorphosis moment… from being a butterfly to accepting a new life journey of being the sea!!


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Journey

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  3. Very thought provoking post. I love the sea and miss it now that I live inland. There is nothing quite like standing on the shore and gazing to the horizon and feeling the wind on your face.

    • Thank you Maggie!! That is so true… when I clicked this particular picture… for the first time in my whole life… I experienced stillness within… so still… that I did get quite restless at first… as soon as I settled down… all I could feel is the oneness with the ocean.. the sound of the waves and the tenderness of God’s love… within me and around me!!! The picture is a brilliant reminder…to stay in Gratitude!!!

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    • You know what I loved most about your picture… the beautiful journey of dealing with the self first!! The journey begins with ME, I , SELF first. Thank you so much for stopping by :))

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    • Life is really a series of journeys… from the womb to the tomb!! Our perspective… makes it beautiful.
      Love the second picture… 🙂

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    • If you were to look at the picture… without the facts… the artist reading would be something like… “the only way is heaven”… the top of the memorial… a pyramid!!

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