Reading between Words: Reflections of Jesus

We are all a reflection of the Creator, created in his own image and likeness!!

The one… who truly lived this truth… who claimed this truth as his own… Jesus. The one example of truly living in the image and knowing that God’s will was in truth his own, for God, lived within him… and through him.

Today at the “Stations of the Cross” as I “reflected with Jesus” on his path… the truth is becoming clearer… and I am beginning to see a brand new truth emerging… be it in my “channeling”, “counseling” … or the many insights I’ve received!!

I’ve always been very fascinated by the person of Jesus… a lot of my life’s decisions have been made, reflecting in conversation with him in prayer… as to what he would’ve done in a similar situation. One of the BIG reasons why I’ve taken a lot of risks Winking smile and all have turned out to be trump cards Smile 

Jesus’ life is a series of “human events”, human actions and human reactions… He spent 30 years… pretty much like any one of us. The fact that his lineage was royal… his life was pretty ordinary. It is a fascinating experience as a Christian to have the opportunity to have begun learning about the person of Jesus from a young age… to now, have a matured relationship with the person of Jesus, beyond religion alone. Then again, the fact that “religion” is restrictive… the world at large misses out on a special relationship with the person of Jesus. Reflecting on Jesus’ life is a healing experience… we must prescribe to the world… a new perspective!!

Coming back to reading between the two fascinating worlds… that on the surface is the essence of GOOD FRIDAY…

Relections of Jesus – “Reflex-Actions” of Jesus

If we were to understand, that we had the choice… to act like Jesus. We need to begin to be aware first, of our Reflex-Actions.

What is my first THOUGHT/WORD/DEED in reaction to a situation?

We all react at the spur of each moment… and these reactions come from our own life experiences and understanding. Which is limited… to PERSONAL needs/wants/desires/understanding.

Even though, for 30 years, Jesus lived just like us, he had a very different reflex-action… he THOUGHT first, I guess:

What is the creator trying to teach me through this particular situation? What must I learn?

If everyone is made in the image and likeness of God… there must be a purpose in this moment!!

What would God like my action to be in this situation?

Let it be done in accordance to your WILL!!

 Jesus’ reflex-actions, let us know how connected he was to the truth. He claimed, the truth, the truth that we are all created in the image and likeness of GOD… We are therefore like him. To what degree we are like him… is a choice we make… and Jesus chose “YES”!! His faith… His knowing… his complete surrender to God’s will… even in circumstances contrary… Even in persecution… his KNOWING… led the way! So much to learn from him… we begin hurting much sooner… think about the last time you got a paper cut on your fingers Winking smile

Reflections of Jesus

We are asked by the creator… to choose our reflex actions. We are called to learn from the person of Jesus… to choose our reflex actions by asking of God, through the person of Jesus… the same questions that Jesus asked… of God!! Jesus, is an example… of the complete “Image and Likeness of God”, therefore the easiest way to understand GOD… is to learn to imitate… in the smallest of ways, possible….

THE REFLEX-ACTIONS of JESUS… in whom God is pleased!!!


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