Feeling & Knowing : “I am Blessed!!”

We live and love in a world of “Seeing & Believing” & “Believing what we See”. Which is, and I have learnt it the hard way… lol… to stay WANTING & WAITING!!

Affirming what you can see already is easier, then again, your awareness for the most part is in WANTING to TRULY BELIEVE that you are worthy of what you SEE Winking smile

Some pretty sub-conscious statements we make when we can SEE… yet find it difficult to believe:

1) I don’t believe it… You don’t really mean it do you!!

2) WOW, now this is a surprise… I didn’t think I’d ________

3) This is too good to be true!

Now, if you’re smiling… you know you’ve been using these exclamations! You’re looking back at the when… who… and what happened soon after Winking smile 

If you really do want to change your reality… all you have to make is  a tiny shift… “Feeling & Knowing” and “Knowing what you Feel”. Subtle changes in the energy you emit, can change a lot more than just the way you FEEL and what you KNOW gives you the confidence. Affirming what you KNOW creates a FEELING like you already HAVE it… and feeling like you already HAVE it… makes it easier to ACCEPT… that you can truly create WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT IT… and before you KNOW it… YOU SEE IT…. you don’t need to believe it.. you already KNOW IT!

When we see… I am BLESSED… from KNOWING & FEELING… here are some of the most powerful affirmations that you begin to use in your vocabulary!!

1) I know I am blessed… I can feel it, right now, through you and I reciprocate this blessing to you. 

2) I know You are blessed… I can feel the joy that radiates through you when we exchange communication energy through our blogs

3) I know We are blessed… In this virtual world, we have, without doubt found extended family. As we read and share thoughts… we inspire ourselves and others.

4) I know I am blessed… in reading and appreciating blogs. I see reflections of who I was, who I am and who I truly aspire to be… through the many lives I interact with in my reading and responding.

5) I know I am blessed, I can feel it in the love I feel each time I say “Thank you” for a comment, acknowledge a new follower, approve a comment, like a post… Each time I look at my world extended… in the virtual world.

6) I know I am blessed, in this moment, knowing that I can choose to feel everything and learn more about being blessed. I feel blessed through the many lives I share this “Knowing & Feeling” with… I can feel the blessing extend beyond the post… into the space and lives right here on wordpress.com

7) I am blessed and I know it… I feel it… I live it and I love it!!

… just expressing this… has made me smile… feel blessed right now… and I love the way I am feeling… I know this post is a special post… I can feel the powerful need to sit… in silence with my Gratitude Journal… and thank again… for drawing me to a new learning… again…

When we KNOW a FEELING… the FEELING expresses through us… all that it holds. When I began writing this post.. it was meant to be a TRIGGER for YOU to being to KNOW & FEEL… As the post progressed, I found a new “KNOW & FEEL” about my own NOW to LOVE & LIVE.

I know right now that the Gratitude of my FEELING BLESSED… is extending this KNOWING to my HEART, BODY, MIND and SOUL… Time to close my eyes and allow God’s love to fill me again, with Gratitude to ALL THAT IS, For ALL THAT IS.


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