Reading between Words: “Expressionless”

It is a fascinating world, when you read between the word, another meaning of it… takes wings and presents itself to you. To tell you that it could also mean “this” Winking smile 

Here’s the way the world understands expressionless:


Here’s how we could also understand the same word:

When you EXPRESS you SHUN LESS! A  sure way to say it like you feel it, at the very moment that you feel it!!

The moment we deal with a thought or emotion from the Gratitude Point of View, it begins to present itself with a completely new and exceptional meaning, which often becomes our thought forward.

For there are many situations that do leave us expressionless in the moment, yet, we realise many years later, that these very expressionless moments have manifested themselves as fears!

As children, we express without editing or needing to edit, till a life circumstance… freezes us in time… in thought. Since the mind is a school of experiments… these thoughts often multiply into the many THOUGHT BLOCKS, anxieties, fears, phobias!!

We owe it to ourselves… to use new ways to clear old doubts!

I have chosen, to read between a word and still between the alphabet… to live old words in a new and more powerful way.

It is a funny truth… but our experiences are the LIVE SHOW of the vocabulary we use of ourselves, our world and our relationships.

The fastest way to heal… is to find a new appeal Winking smile 



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