Guilt is the MLM of the mind…

A down day, haven’t done much with my day!! Feeling a little guilty.. thought it would be a nice “relief” point to come here and write to YOU!

It is funny, even though I realise, that this waiting time is so important to my work… I find it unsettling to actually take this time off. The long list of “SHOULD’VE DONE” is a pressure that I have yet to learn dealing with.

One thought of guilt leads to another and what I have begun to understand is that GUILT, if given a chance, does truly weigh you down. …. and it all began with waking up late Winking smile 

Working for yourself, there is one fantastic truth… you get to choose when to work and when to get away from it. When your work is where your passion is… well, you don’t actually work a day! Then again… having worked for others for over 12 years… you have to get used to taking decisions… and the only other tool, after experience… is your instinct.

While writing, another beautiful thought flashes straight across the movie screen of my mind… and I am aware that there are high points of the day that are worthy of “doing nothing professional” today!!

Changing the gear from guilty to celebratory… We finally got a replacement maid… I have been praying for, when she walked into our home… she brought with her… an electric presence… a beautiful smile… and a ho ho ho.. almost Santa laugh. Felt like our home was being blessed with a brand new happy energy… and her name is Lakshmi (The Goddess of wealth according to Hinduism)… I may sound all superstitious… but feels lucky to have her in our home. The pronunciation of her name… “luck’s me” Winking smile

I read the beautiful post by Jaqualine Madden, a blogger friend, the first I followed on wordpress… her post “Trials and Tribulations” made me THINK for a while… then again… a question finds it’s space, puts up it’s precious THOUGHT… demands my attention… “Aren’t we all made in the image and likeness of GOD?… Why then don’t we see HIM in everything, including things or days that don’t seem to be going our way” an innocent thought… still finding ways to express itself… shall post a follow on… from “thought to word” in my next post.

Guess it is time to say Thank you for another special day… I learnt something new!

“Guilt is like Multi.Level.Marketing” once you invest… it shall grow!!


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