Feeling of the Day: RestLess Anxiety

One of my major challenges in working with Gratitude has been to apply Gratitude when things are STILL… when they’re not happening according to a pre-concluded plan.

The days just seem sleepier and my thoughts slip into what I feel, can well be described as a “Comma” a pause… that creates an even deeper sense of “restless anxiety”, everything seems to be “happening” in accordance with an INVISIBLE plan, yet, I can’t quite get over, the need for busyness or business.

There is a strange and eerie silence in my thoughts… something I’ve always wanted to experience, yet, there’s a little monkey that keeps hopping around, looking for something to occupy the vacant space. While, a lot of my friends, seem to totally enjoy the silence and feel a thrill in even getting a glimpse of this space! I, on the other hand… a brat of creation… find this time, truly unsettling, it happens often… that when stillness arrives… I run towards the first distraction that presents itself… often, a “FLAG” in my long “WANT TO DO” Winking smile list. Yet, the people I want to reach… don’t pick up the call… or the people who want to reach me… aren’t the calls I want to pick up… and then again… I want to experience this stillness again!

How do I describe this feeling… better… well… You are working on a project with a deadline for delivery, everything seems to be in place… everything a client could possibly think of or ask for” Yet… when you’re sitting in front of a client… there will be the ONE Question you thought was all so easy or that may not have even needed to cross the client’s mind… that ONE MOMENT… when everything you thought you knew, disappears behind an invisible wall… asking you to DEAL WITH THE QUESTION, since you ignored it earlier… ha ha ha…

Today, was one such day… Everything I asked for … even in thought, manifested into my reality… and yet… there is something missing… each time I ask myself… “WHAT IS MISSING” there is an eerie silence… not one thought speaks or raises the KNOW of this moment.

Gratitude to ALL THAT IS for ALL THAT IS… has told me something… but I was too pre-occupied to LISTEN…

Dear Restless Anxiety,

You have been a friend, when my confidence was low and life wasn’t a song of victory. You were with me, when the whole world around me was ready to crash… you were the ideas… the impulse, without which… I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am blessed to have experienced you Knowing that you represent the powerful force of AWARENESS of FEELING!

Have I left you unacknowledged or unappreciated? Have I given you a COLD SHOULDER? Why then are you raising the intensity of your vibration? We both know, that new financial year beginnings do bring with it a million questions… a demand for a business plan and a projection of targets for our business. Yet, here with our brand of work, you know, we’re using YOU in a more powerful way… to draw our own attention and the attention of others to begin to use the positive vibration of you to create DREAM MANIFESTING lives. Why then, must we worry? We have Gratitude as our foundation force, which means that every, WAIT… has a YES from heaven… with a better brighter WOW in the making.

I ASK of you to NOW KNOW… that this year… is about very special new energies… and one of them… is the powerful… new… WOW… energy of Restless Anxiety in a positive more enthusiastic and empowered way!

I now choose to experience you through the powerful source that created everything… thought, word and deed. In this experience you are… PERFECT WHOLE AND COMPLETE… without fault, perfectly flawed to learn something new…

As I lay my head to rest tonight… may every thought, word or deed… in my past, present or future… be healed and filled with LOVE… the truth about US!!

An Offering of Light in Worship!




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