“I love you”… 10 ways to LIVE it!!

I love you… the words we love to hear… however, don’t really know how to use it to feel it Winking smile The most common word used in a relationship… yet the most often abused 3 words ever. I love you… sounds so beautiful to the ear… and feels so beautiful to the heart and makes a rainbow appear in the scenic visual of the mind. Then, when the rainbow fades… and reality strikes… love flies out of the window.

In my own quest with love… as I looked back on my historic relationships Winking smile … the “peak-plateau-valley”… it is astonishing how… the “birth-life-death”  cycle of “I Love You”… in each phase, the meaning changed and the magnificent relationship changed too… I Love you became three words!

So, we decided to create a whole new way to say I Love You and truly feel it Winking smile with each other. We had to say “I Love You” a million times over… to create a mammoth painting of all that “I Love You” could possibly mean within and around our relationship. What was first such a pressure on poor the poor “I” who “loves” the “YOU”, became a relationship builder. We realised for us to sustain the thrill and excitement with each other, we needed to expand LOVE to everything we love. So, we began with making a list for the love game, beginning with ourselves… 1o parallel lists about things we loved…

1) 10 things I love about ME

2) 10 things I love about YOU

3) 1o things I love about WE

4) 10 things I love about our LIFE

5) 10 things I love about our family (just ours and extended)

6) 10 things I love about my work

7) 10 things I love about your work (this is the hard one… yet… to love your partner enough, you have find ways to appreciate what he does and understand most, why he does it Winking smile and learn to love him with his work)

8) 10 things I love from our memories since the day we met

9) 10 things I can learn to love about you (this is the fun one, you realise, that your partner does have faults, but when you look on the faults with love… you’ll learn to love him with the flaws intact)

10) 10 things I’d love to do together with you (the happiest part to work with and so the last Winking smile.

LOVE is only complete when we understand HOW love DOES complete. If you were to remove LOVE from COMPLETE… you’d be left with COMP_ETE… COMPETE!!

Don’t try and fill up all the lists on ONE day… it can be quite a task Winking smile Each day, spend an hour together, filling up ONE CATEGORY… will all the LOVE you have and in 10 days, you’ll each have 100 ways to LIVE this love… a 100 new ways to stay in love and 20 experiences to plan together.

Another interesting thing to do… well, as part of number 10… is to keep striking off the the achieved… and adding it up. I can promise you, WEAKends, WEAKdays and WEAK moments will be a thing of the past!! Winking smile



14 thoughts on ““I love you”… 10 ways to LIVE it!!

  1. It sounds so simple…yet loving oneself could be more difficult than loving somebody else at times. Thanks for sharing this with us! 🙂

    • True!! We sometimes, don’t even realise… WHEN we stopped loving ourselves… or when our loves became ABOUT SOMEONE else!!

      • It’s my pleasure Mystic, I’m always on the hunt to find interesting articles and books to read. I love your blog, you’re a wonderful person.. ❤ 🙂

      • If you’re looking for an interesting book… I’d recommend… “Ask & It is Given”… Hicks!! A phenomenal channeling… the book almost speaks to YOU directly!!
        Thanks so much for the compliment!! It is always a gratitude high!! 🙂

      • Wow!!! That’s interesting, I’ve seen some of her videos on you tube and since then the book is on my list. I will definitely get my hands soon. Thanks for the suggestion, I love channeled books. 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on Mystiic and commented:
    Yesterday, was a defining moment for me… I made a choice… and I remembered, this post!!! I realise, I invited that experience… to revive the lesson!!! I am making another brand new list… I LOVE YOU… I wish you 10 ways to LIVE it!!!

  4. What a great article. I love this and I intend to go through the processes with my beloved hubby. Thank you.

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